Finding a Business Consultant Near Me

20 Jun 2019

Why spend hours searching online when you could hire a business consultant with a proven track record? Based in Cheshire, I work with clients all across the UK to help them manage staff, grow sales and increase profits. I have 25 years' experience and am a Leading Member of the Professional Body for Sales and Management. I've worked with some big business names - and now I'm ready to help you. Why risk putting your business in the hands of anyone else? Get in touch for your free initial consultation.

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How do I Improve My Leadership Skills - local business consultant near me

03 Jun 2019

Communication is the key to success here. Arrange regular one-to-one (but informal) meetings with your employees to discuss their goals, performance and progress. Where does your employee want to be? Do they have any thoughts on how to get there? Building relationships with your employees (and demonstrating those aforementioned leadership qualities yourself) will ensure a solid, successful future for your company.

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Sales Training and Business Workshops UK - Kieran Perry Sales trainer - NLP Business Mentor Coaching Expert

06 May 2019

The “Sales Fix” Formula Is a training programme that combines my unique set of elements devised as a formula that addresses all the problems faced throughout the sales process, and how to over come them to achieve successful sales growth. My Sales Fix Formula can be adapted to any business, and provides Directors, Managers, and Sales staff with a simple formula to develop business and increase sales.

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Business Growth - Importance of Developing European Growth

01 May 2019

Your company's growth and longevity, expansion into Europe should be hot topic. Here, I'll discuss why developing European growth is important for business success. The Brexit vote has, unsurprisingly, had an effect on many businesses. Some have begun establishing bases outside the UK

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What is Executive Coaching and Will it Make You Successful?

16 Apr 2019

Perhaps you feel unsure of how to move your business forward? Maybe you feel that a personal change or improvement would benefit your company's growth? Or perhaps you're ready to hear a new perspective on your current business strategies to help you achieve your goals?

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Business Advisor and Business Sales Training near me

01 Apr 2019

Benefits of my services: You will benefit from tremendous business knowledge, vision and experience – which I directly tailor to your organisation. I use the same blueprints and diagnostic tools as the major management and consultancy practices and have an extensive knowledge base to support this.

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