Executive Coaching

My name is Kieran Perry, I am an independent business advisor and sales expert, offering business coaching and executive coaching.

I work with business owners, directors and individuals across the UK, providing tailored practical business advice, strategies and sales help, in person, and over the phone. 

My executive coaching delivers relevant, practical content, helping to re-ignite passion and purpose among directors, business owners and individuals - whilst boosting  enthusiasm and energy and motivation. My executive coaching will not only equip the audience with new skills and advice, but will leave  professionals energised to put their newly acquired lessons into practice.

I can advise and guide you on high-level business decisions in an unbiased fashion and objectively, using my wide industry knowledge to deliver the best results. I specialise in strategy consulting, working across every industry, helping both private and public sector businesses on a wide range of issues.

I help you plan and understand which new course of action or strategy could work for your business.

I don’t just make suggestions, but instead I help implement new ideas and changes that transform businesses. I can pin point issues, summarise what you should be doing- and provide you with a shortcut of how to succeed and increase sales. I specialise in helping SME's understand the implications of their financial accounts ensuring, the right business and sales decisions are made for future growth.

I offer a FREE 20 minute confidential telephone consultation

So please call me directly on 07912 846 492 or email me at info@kieranperry.com to find out how I can help you or your business.


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Coaching and Training For Business Owners, Directors and Individuals.

Success comes from implementing a series of straight forward and easy to use business disciplines and management processes. My methodology can create lasting positive changes to the skills and attitudes of sales professionals.

I have successfully launched and developed businesses in many different industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Food & Drink, SAAS, Logistics, Giftware and Technology, working with Trade, Wholesale and Service sectors, as well as managed a turnover of £60 million for a world leading Germany manufacturer.


"Great Session - I really enjoyed the training. And thanks for your time and wisdom. Your support is a real help and your training is brilliant for me and the team."