One To One Sales Coaching


Over the last 25 years of selling, as I worked my way up the sales management ladder,  I experienced many different ways of being coached, and mainly found that most of the coaches I met had never actually been in sales themselves, so they couldn’t truly deliver meaningful expert mentoring and advice.

This is where I differ.  I have not only been responsible for a £60 million pound sales turnover in my career, but also responsible for the mentoring and coaching of a number of large UK sales teams, and it is this, as well as the many previous years working in all manner of sales roles, from sales rep, area sales manager, field sales manager, head of sales, that enables me to know exactly how to provide the best level of sales coaching for any type of sales person.


My sales coaching is about increasing personal effectiveness, and taking a sales professional’s ability, no matter at what level, and applying fundamentally sound coaching techniques to help and accelerate their talent development.  

My one-on-one meetings help salespeople achieve new levels of success by discovering hidden issues that inhibit their performance. My coaching also helps sales people who are already high performers become even more effective and successful.

By implementing my sales coaching it can be the skill differentiator that accelerates the development of a high performance sales culture. With my one-to-one sales coaching programme, I help people create a tailor-made development plan.


If you would like further information on how I can help you or your team with sales coaching just call  07912 846492  or  01477 625 115  or  use the contact form below and I will call you back to discuss your requirements further.

I look forward to providing you with expert sales coaching to take your sales professionals to the next level.


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