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The Step-By-Step Practical Guide To Sales And Successful Selling - Sales Advice, Training and More.

My comprehensive sales training course is a fully downloadable course and workbook based on my popular Sales Fix Formula book, and is ideal for those professionals and individuals who are either new to sales, need to improve their skills and understanding or not formal sales training and want to grow their business.

Sales Fix Formula Sales Training

The Sales Fix Formula

Digital Sales Training Course

My Sales Fix Formula is a unique set of elements devised as a formula that addresses all the problems faced throughout the selling process – my sales training course can be adapted to any business – and provides individuals, and sales professionals with a simple formula to use and a better understanding of their customers, to increase their sales success.

In each of the 10 modules below, I clearly explain each key step of the sales process. Included in this sales training course is also a range of sales exercises, examples to help you better understand the process and practice, plus my top tips to help you succeed.

My Digital Sales Training Course Details

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The Sales Fix Formula 

Element 1. What makes a good salesperson.  Exercise - Defining your passion and personal buy-in factor

Element 2. Defining and targeting the right customer. Exercise - Identifying more of the right customers to target

Element 3. How to create a profitable sales funnel. Exercise - Using the sales funnel

Element 4. Understanding what the customer values. Exercise - Prospects desire

Element 5. Improving your offering. Exercise - The Close

Element 6. Building trust and integrity. Exercise - The C.A.R.E experience

Element 7. Improving customer contact. Exercise - How to engage a prospect with open ended questions

Element 8. Building customer relationships. Exercise - Why customers like you or leave you

Element 9. Pricing and offers. Exercise - Potential customer scenarios and roleplay

Element 10. Negotiation & making the sale happen. Exercise - Overcoming No

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My Sales Fix Formula sales training course delivers relevant, practical content, helping to re-ignite passion and purpose among sales professionals, business owners and individuals - Plus boosting your knowledge, skills, enthusiasm, and motivation to sell.

My sales training will not only equip the participant with new sales skills, but will leave sales professionals energised to put their newly acquired lessons into practice. I help people sell more and develop their business growth. Success in sales can come from implementing my series of straight forward and easy to use disciplines and processes.

Sales Training Courses For Beginners

My sales methodology and training is also available as bespoke one2one sessions or team sales training courses. My bespoke sales training courses are specifically tailored to both company’s or individual's needs, providing sales focused key messages, combined with useful tips and easy to use sales tools to take away for professionals and individuals new to sales.

The Sales Fix Formula and my sales training courses are a Registered Trade Mark and only available from this website.

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