Action Coaching for Your Business My Reviews

Action Coaching for Your Business My Reviews

07 May 2019

Running a business takes a lot of energy and commitment. And sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what you are trying to achieve. My business coaching and sales training can help you gain more focus.

Below is a recent selection of my client's reviews & testimonials...

Paul Squires - Chester - Private Business Owner
"Was great to finally meet up with you today, just wanted to say a huge thanks for the advice and guidance on the business, I felt positive, even more motivated and clear on what it is I need to do to get this idea going, and more importantly I appreciate the honesty which you delivered. Awesome advice Kieran, thank you very much again, absolutely spot on."

Mrs Palmer - South West - Managing Director
"Many thanks for your visit today Kieran. You were a great help in getting me ‘unstuck’ in my thinking and a reality check on the urgency of the problem."

Mrs Langford - Director - Manufacturer
"You have been such a great sense of direction, support and strength to myself and the team, your contribution and attitude has been immense to the company. I have enjoyed working with you and the value you have added to my company with your sales and business knowledge and advice."

Alex Povey - Managing Director - Food Manufacturer Bakery
"Kieran and his experience we're excellent in helping my business transition to send the right message after undergoing major improvements for the BRC accreditation. Kieran's help came in to under go changes to our website and bring in and help with new sales and marketing strategies to aim towards supermarket buyers and blue chip retailers."

Mr Toby - Owner - Internet Retailer
"Kieran's advice and simple changes to our website had our internet sales up after just two weeks, we have never had so many online orders. He is now helping us approach supermarkets and national retailer with great success - I am happy to recommend him as a business coach and product sales expert."

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