Business Growth - Importance of Developing European Growth

Business Growth - Importance of Developing European Growth

01 May 2019

The Importance Of Developing European Sales Growth

Utter the word "Europe" in our current climate and you're likely to be met with a volley of strong opinions! But when it comes to your company's growth and longevity, expansion into Europe should be hot topic. Here, I'll discuss why developing European growth is important for business success.

The 'B' Word
The Brexit vote has, unsurprisingly, had an effect on many businesses. Some have begun establishing bases outside the UK. A smart move, as according to Sky News, over 50% of UK exports go to EU countries. But European expansion is not simply a case of "branching out". It takes time, planning, research and investment and can cause upheaval. The rewards you reap, however, will surely make it worth your while.

A European Success Story
Since 1989, Poland has recorded high levels of economic growth. Its growth rate is beating even the Asian heavyweights of Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Incredibly, in 2018, the country's average level of income exceeded that of two-thirds of the Eurozone.
Moving into previously untapped regions of the EU (like Poland) has become irresistible to business leaders; a stable economy and a relatively affluent population are magnets for companies looking to expand.

So How do You Begin Planning Your European Invasion?
Research is crucial. To be successful, you will need to research each country's markets, specific laws and regulations and the habits of the people there. Then, you can tailor your strategies accordingly.

How To Find A Online Consultant For Growth And Success In Business

Hiring a professional sales expert and business mentor like me should be your first course of action. I'll work closely with you to determine your goals, formulate a business growth plan and bring fresh strategies to the table. You can then execute your company's expansion into Europe armed with expert advice.

I provide large to small business coaching services across the UK from my office in Cheshire. I also now offer online sales training and business advice. 

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