Sales Training and  Business Workshops UK - Kieran Perry Sales trainer - NLP Business Mentor Coaching Expert

Sales Training and Business Workshops UK - Kieran Perry Sales trainer - NLP Business Mentor Coaching Expert

06 May 2019

I Also Offer Bespoke Sales Training And Business Coaching Workshops.

Focused on business growth and sales management for companies and individuals across the UK. Kieran is a sales expert helping providing sales training and sales coaching to small businesses and privately owned businesses across the UK. Kieran can help you learn new sales development skills and train you to sell more and grow your business both online and off line.

Business Coach

Business training can greatly benefit managers in SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in several ways.

Firstly, training provides managers with valuable knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the challenges of running a business. They gain insights into best practices, learn about new tools and technologies, and acquire management techniques that enhance their decision-making abilities.

Secondly, training fosters personal and professional growth, helping managers develop leadership skills, communication abilities, and strategic thinking. This allows them to inspire and motivate their teams, improve employee performance, and drive overall business success.

Lastly, training promotes adaptability and innovation, enabling managers to stay ahead of industry trends, respond to changing market conditions, and identify new growth opportunities. By investing in business training, SME managers can enhance their capabilities, increase productivity, and propel their businesses towards sustainable growth.

The “Sales Fix” Formula
Is a training programme that combines my unique set of elements devised as a formula that addresses all the problems faced throughout the sales process, and how to over come them to achieve successful sales growth. My Sales Fix Formula can be adapted to any business, and provides Directors, Managers, and Sales staff with a simple formula to develop business and increase sales.

“ The Principles Of Sales Management”, this course covers a strategic set of fundamentals that provides Sales Directors, and Sales Managers with all the need-to-know information to manage their sales teams successfully and increase business performance.

“Sales Growth” which incorporates a comprehensive step by step guide to creating and implementing a tailored sales strategy for any business.

• Sales Coaching and Training – does your team need some on site - Sales , Negotiation or Improvement Training.

Qualified NLP Business Coach.
Qualified NLP Performance Development Coach.