Business Growth Consulting Packages

I offer customized business growth consulting packages in the UK including corporate strategy, management consulting, and executive coaching programs. Review my rates and get in touch to discuss your goals.

Bespoke Consulting Solutions

I understand every business has unique needs and opportunities. Get in touch to discuss building a customized consulting, coaching or training package fully tailored to your specific goals and priorities.

Please contact me for a full bespoke quotation.

Let's Talk Growth

To learn more and discuss how my strategic business consulting services and my full range of Business Advice, Business Mentoring, Management Consultancy, Leadership Coaching, Sales Training, and Growth Strategy Planning can accelerate your success, schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

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Corporate Strategy Consulting

Strategic Plan Development

Comprehensive strategic planning process including opportunity analysis, strategy formulation, execution roadmap.

Strategy Review & Refinement

Evaluate existing strategy and identify improvement areas.

Business Advice and Consultation Service - Price on request

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Executive Coaching

I offer a range of business coaching and mentoring packages.

Bi-weekly personalised coaching sessions focused on elevating leadership skills.

Weekly personalised coaching sessions for accelerated development.

Bespoke one2one business coaching, leadership mentoring and sales training is available on request.

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Management Consulting

Operations Optimization

In-depth evaluation and improvements across processes, structures, productivity.

Scalability Assessment   

Assess current capabilities and plan for scaling up operations - Price on request.

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To ensure my clients confidentiality and privacy, only certain client approved information is provided in my reviews and testimonials. A few of my recent reviews featured below.

"I have implemented the changes we discussed and my net profit this month was up to 38% and still improving and hope to reach 40% by the end of the year. It's a massive improvement and it has been so nice to feel that I've had advice from someone who is actually on my side."

I found talking to Kieran and his ideas very useful, things became much clearer and I now have a clear action business plan for the year ahead. I would recommend Kieran to anybody.

Jonathon Gillan, Managing Director, Online Business  - London

"Kieran's experience was essential to us, as we had only been running for 6 months and needed some help getting our business to the next level both in terms of sales and also business structure and we needed to start making a profit, he worked with us over the course of a 6 month period and provided us with invaluable insights into business and a sound sales plan, that has now seen us into profit. "

It was lovely speaking to you on Saturday. I find once I speak to you, I get right back on track again. Thank you for the business advice!

"Kieran answers key business questions like - Why am i not making any sales? and gave me great solutions and sales help with expert business advice to explain how to achieve business growth faster and how to make a bigger profit. I have recommend Kieran to others, as he is an experienced business coach and sales trainer."

Corporate Strategy Solutions For Competitive Advantage

Kieran is a top business advisor and sales expert, providing business coaching and sales training to individuals and companies across the UK and Europe.



Business Growth Consultant

Sales Training Courses

My services include independent business advice, business coaching, sales training, Leadership and Executive Coaching and management consultancy to business owners, directors, start-ups and individuals across the UK and online. Read more on business advice on my Blog or view Pricing, or Reviews or follow Kieran on Instagram.