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I provide my services in a range of options to suit all sizes of business, some clients just require an hour of my time over the phone to discuss ideas and get instant advice and help, and others have a bespoke project or problem where we meet up and work together, over a number of weeks or months.

For the last 25 years I have successfully managed and driven both corporate brands, smaller family businesses and start-ups to accelerate their sales growth and development.

"Not having a business plan or mentor is a lot like going on a long road trip without a map."

I help leaders, directors and privately owned businesses to develop their business growth plan and increase their revenue with business mentoring and sales coaching | Business Mentor | Sales Trainer | Product Sales Expert |


My Pricing Options:


Phone Conversation. 

I offer a Free initial 20 minute telephone consultation - so I can get an understanding of what it is you want to achieve, and I can explain how I can help. I can give you a fixed quote, so the price I quote is the price you pay for whatever the project, training, coaching or mentoring needed.

My prices start from £95  - for a 1 hour telephone or Skype discussion and advice session. 

Call me directly on 07912 846492



To book a Face to Face meeting with me for one of my services including my coaching and training sessions, please contact me to discuss options. Before we meet I offer a free initial consultation by phone and provide you with a full proposal of my services based on your needs and where we plan to meet.

My meeting prices start from £395.


Bespoke Projects.

I work with many companies regularly to help business owners, directors and individuals with a range of mentoring and coaching, from when business change or new sales direction is required to offering new ideas, fresh thinking, a new customer approach and problem solving solutions to running monthly management meetings, joint customer visits  and other bespoke projects.

I offer a free initial consultation and I will provide you with a bespoke project price for my services based on your specific needs and requirements.

Prices on request.


At the end of each paid meeting or session I can provide a full report detailing my findings and our discussion to date, together with a list of recommendations for the next step together.


Please contact me today either via phone or email and I will start to help you accelerate the success and development of your business immediately. "Before you start thinking about how much I will cost you, start thinking about how much time and money I will save you "


Call me directly on 07912 846492 or email me at

Or use my contact form and I will call you back the same day to discuss your requirements and how I can help further.

It is my mission to share my experience and knowledge with businesses, from entrepreneurs to fully operational companies who need my help to get to the next level. So whatever your industry, or whatever stage your company is at, I can help.


I live in Cheshire in the North West of England and offer my sales and business services all across the UK, including Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester, North West, Yorkshire, The Midlands, Wales, London, Birmingham and the South of England to name just a few.

I offer a Free 20 minute telephone consultation, and I can give you a fixed quote over the phone, so the price I quote is the price you pay for the work or advice you need.

Jonathon Gillan, Managing Director, Online Business  - London

"Kieran's experience was essential to us, as we had only been running for 6 months and needed some help getting our business to the next level both in terms of sales and also business structure and we needed to start making a profit, he worked with us over the course of a 6 month period and provided us with invaluable insights into business and a sound sales plan, that has now seen us into profit. "

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