How Much Does A Business Coach Cost

I offer my services by Phone, In Person and Online - see my full options below.

Business Coaching and Sales Mentoring

I offer expert business advice, executive coaching and sales help and training to individuals and businesses of all size, across the UK, by phone, online or in person.

My Prices Start From £195

Please contact me for further advice and a quotation 07912846492

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Meet With A Business Coach - In Person

A meeting in person to discuss your business, to get advice or coaching is amazingly productive. Just one visit, can be enough to create positive results. I give solutions and provide a range of business advice, sales coaching and practical strategy ideas.

I can travel to you, or we can meet in a convenient central location if preferred. 

My meeting prices start from £395 - please contact me for a bespoke quotation.

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Bespoke Projects or Sales Training

I will provide you with a day or bespoke project price for my services based on your specific needs. I work with both businesses and individuals across the UK and Europe.

Please contact me for a bespoke quotation.

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Business Growth - New Ideas Session

Need new ideas, a new strategy or a have a business problem you can't solve? - Book me for my ideas session and let me find the problem, and suggest a range of solutions to fix it.

Get expert advice on all aspects of your business from overheads and profits, to sales, pricing and growth strategies. 

Or maybe you need a business consultant or sales coach to act as a sounding board for impartial business advice and sales focus - I can help.

Please contact me for further advice and a quotation 07912846492

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To ensure my clients confidentiality and privacy, only certain client approved information is provided in my reviews and testimonials. A few of my recent reviews featured below.

"I have implemented the changes we discussed and my net profit this month was up to 38% and still improving and hope to reach 40% by the end of the year. It's a massive improvement and it has been so nice to feel that I've had advice from someone who is actually on my side."

I found talking to Kieran and his ideas very useful, things became much clearer and I now have a clear action business plan for the year ahead. I would recommend Kieran to anybody.

Jonathon Gillan, Managing Director, Online Business  - London

"Kieran's experience was essential to us, as we had only been running for 6 months and needed some help getting our business to the next level both in terms of sales and also business structure and we needed to start making a profit, he worked with us over the course of a 6 month period and provided us with invaluable insights into business and a sound sales plan, that has now seen us into profit. "

It was lovely speaking to you on Saturday. I find once I speak to you, I get right back on track again. Thank you for the business advice!

"Kieran answers key business questions like - Why am i not making any sales? and gave me great solutions and sales help with expert business advice to explain how to achieve business growth faster and how to make a bigger profit. I have recommend Kieran to others, as he is an experienced business coach and sales trainer."