The Sales Fix Formula - Expert Sales Strategy ands Sales Training  by Kieran Perry

The Sales Fix Formula - Expert Sales Strategy ands Sales Training by Kieran Perry

06 Feb 2019

The Sales Fix Formula

The "Sales Fix Formula" …… My unique sales training programme.

In today’s world, every single potential customer needs to be optimized in the best possible way, and each business needs to have a truly competitive edge.

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The “Sales Fix Formula"
It is a training programme that combines my unique set of elements devised as a formula that addresses all the problems faced throughout the sales process, and how to over come them to achieve successful sales growth. My "Sales Fix" Formula can be adapted to any business, and provides Directors, Managers, and Sales staff with a simple formula to develop business and increase sales.

The Principles Of Sales Management, this course covers a strategic set of fundamentals that provides Sales Directors, and Sales Managers with all the need-to-know information to manage their sales teams successfully and increase business performance.

Sales Growth which incorporates a comprehensive step by step guide to creating and implementing a tailored sales strategy for any business.

Success in sales

comes from implementing a series of straight forward and easy to implement disciplines and processes, which in turn creates lasting change to the skills and attitudes of sales managers and their teams, this is what my sales fix formula delivers.
As an experienced Business Expert, Sales Mentor and Trainer, I am passionate about training individuals and businesses in new sales strategy and sales growth methods, using my "Sales Fix Formula" a unique training programme I can teach you the skill your business needs to start, develop or grow.

I offer a range of training and consultancy packages.

As I have witnessed the business environment shift in the face of continual change, I came to recognise that the use of inventive problem solving techniques is increasingly important to maintain the growth of any business.
It became very apparent to me that it was how the problems were perceived, pursued and solved which made all the difference…

The Sales Fix Formula is a comprehensive approach designed to help businesses improve their sales processes and drive revenue growth. It provides a systematic framework that addresses key areas of sales effectiveness, empowering businesses to identify and rectify issues that may be hindering their sales success.


The formula consists of four key steps:

Diagnosis: The first step involves analysing the current sales strategy and identifying areas of improvement. This includes evaluating sales techniques, customer engagement, lead generation, and conversion rates. By diagnosing weaknesses and bottlenecks, businesses can gain insights into what needs to be fixed.


Prescription: Once the issues have been identified, the next step is to prescribe specific actions and strategies to address them. This may involve refining sales processes, implementing effective sales training programs, enhancing customer relationship management systems, or developing targeted marketing campaigns.


Implementation: The prescribed actions are then implemented to bring about positive change. This may involve training the sales team, implementing new technologies or tools, revamping sales scripts, or improving customer service processes. The focus is on aligning the sales efforts with the overall business goals and delivering a consistent and impactful sales experience.


Monitoring and Adjusting: The final step involves closely monitoring the results and making necessary adjustments along the way. This includes tracking sales performance, measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), and analyzing customer feedback. By continuously monitoring and adjusting the sales approach, businesses can optimize their strategies for maximum impact.


The Sales Fix Formula provides a structured and systematic approach to improving sales effectiveness, enabling businesses to generate more leads, close more deals, and achieve sustainable revenue growth. By diagnosing, prescribing, implementing, and monitoring, businesses can fix their sales processes and unlock their full sales potential.

I am a Leading Member of the professional body for Sales and Management Plus...
The Institute of Sales Management.
Qualified NLP Business Coach.
Qualified NLP Performance Development Coach.
Full Hiscox Professional Business Indemnity Insured Business Coach and Trainer.

As a previous blue-chip company Head of Sales for a £60 million pound business, I teach from the real life experiences I have had in sales, and I coach and mentor in a way that engages and enthuses. When you hire me, you get Kieran, an experienced product sales and marketing specialist, not some faceless general business consultancy. I offer a range of sales  training and small business coaching services


"I can pin point issues, summarise what you should be doing - and provide you with a shortcut of how to get there."

Kieran Perry  The Sales Expert