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Success in sales comes from learning and introducing a set of clever and easy to use sales disciplines and selling processes, which I fully explain in my sales training programmes and workshops.

My expert sales techniques and bespoke sales courses will teach you how to improve your selling skills, and show you how a few key changes in your preparation, presentation and sales knowledge can give you the edge to become a better sales professional, and enable you to close sales and sell more in your industry.

My name is Kieran Perry and I have been running sales training workshops and one2one courses for over 15 years.  As a sales expert I offer sales training, sales coaching and mentoring to all types of businesses, individuals, professionals, directors, managers and business owners across the UK and Europe.

I am the founder of the “Sales Fix Formula" a sales training programme and book, that demonstrates a clear set of sales actions that must be taken to win any sale successfully. I can help anyone to sell more, by giving them great solutions to all the issues and problems faced throughout the sales and selling lifecycle.

Let me teach you how to over come your selling issues and problems, and enable you to achieve more successful sales, whatever the product or service you sell.

Call me directly on 07912 846 492 or email me at to find out more about my sales training services.

UK Sales Trainer

Other business and sales training I offer as workshops and one2one sessions:

  • The Principles Of Sales Management
  • Sales Growth
  • Negotiation Skills and NLP Training
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales Negotiation
  • Sales Planning and Pipeline Forecasting
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Customer Presentations and Selling Skills 
  • The Sales Fix Formula 

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Great online sales training today for our global sales team

Thank you Kieran. The team and directors all found it really motivational, informative and gave us all a new boast and sales focus. Your sales top tips and business advice have already been used. Thank you again 

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Kieran Provides Sales Coaching Training in London

This client wanted to quickly increase the profits of their business. I attended their home and reviewed their business accounts for the year identifying areas of improvement straight away.

During our half day together, I also examined their current business situation, and growth strategy, and gave a range of new ideas and options they could easily incorporate, that would increase their profit.

I also provided them with a series of new sales techniques to gain more customers in new market sectors.

Further Information about Business Coaching And Sales Training

Kieran is a top business consultant providing business coaching and executive mentoring to individuals and companies across the UK.

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My services include independent business advice, business coaching, sales training, executive mentoring and management consultancy to business owners, directors, start-ups and individuals across the UK and online.. To get more business strategies, his pricing, or reviews follow Kieran on Instagram.