What is the difference between a Business consultant and a Business advisor in the UK?

What is the difference between a Business consultant and a Business advisor in the UK?

05 Apr 2019

What Is The Difference Between A Consultant And Advisor In Business 

What Does A Consultant Do?

A consultant is engaged in fulfilling pre-defined terms such as solving problems or underlying constraints. These terms are defined by a sponsor or stakeholder and usually, the consultant is presented with a task after the need to solve a particular problem has already been identified.

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Sometimes it is expected from a consultant to take care of the problems on their own and report the solution to the sponsor. More often, however, the consultant will prepare options of how to solve the problem and then discusses pros and cons with the sponsor.
In rare cases, a consultant is used to replace a management position temporarily until a long-term replacement has been hired.

What Does An Advisor & Coach Do?
An advisor has deep knowledge across multiple disciplines and has experience in working in several functions. The role of the advisor can be compared with a mentor or guide around a wide scope of subjects and differs categorically from the scope of a task-specific consultant.

The advisor is usually a long-term member of an organization and understands the organization’s strategic targets of near-, mid- and far-future planning. He or she knows the staff, the leadership, clients and all other related individuals and their services/products very well and is able to translate perspective and verbiage from one angle to another.

Advisors identify issues (or tasks in general) before they become a problem and share their opinion and insight with the stakeholders. They raise their concern in an adequate way and help to address work items in order to clear out the “threat” of not engaging in this particular activity. The advisors usually decide on their own how much of their own time they invest in the activities, based on the severity of the issues.

My conclusion, what is the difference between a consultant and an advisor?

  • Consultants act retroactive, advisors act proactively
    Both consultants and advisors can be either external or internal
    Consultants have functional roles, advisors are usually part of the leadership
    Consultants are usually hands-on problem solvers, advisors lay out the plan and explain necessity
    Consultants usually work with sponsors or stakeholders and not with advisors directly
    There is no difference in the quality of work about these two roles, they do different work

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