My Services and how I can help you...

As an experienced Business Coach, Sales Mentor and Product Sales Expert I advise all types of new and established businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across the UK. I am passionate about assisting individuals and businesses in growing their revenue, their customer base, raising their brand profile, developing and training key staff, gaining increased sales, and profits. So if you are starting out or have been in business for a while, I can help inject the right strategy, new ideas and clear direction into your business.

"I can help with a wide range of sales, marketing and business topics with a hands on approach  - I can pin point issues, summarise what you should be doing - and provide you with a shortcut of how to get there together."

As a previous blue-chip company Head of Sales for a £60 million pound business, I teach from the real life experiences I have had in sales and senior management, and I coach and mentor in a way that engages and enthuses. When you hire me, you get Kieran, an experienced business coach, sales mentor and product sales expert, not some faceless general business consultancy.

Business Coach

As an Experienced Business Coach and leading member of ISM, I provide business advice, coaching and mentoring to companies across Cheshire and the UK. 

I specialise in business coaching and mentoring for SME's and privately owned and family businesses - providing help with new business management techniques, leadership development, and fresh strategies to sales, change and growth opportunities.

My business coaching will help you to concentrate on your business plan, leadership skills, staff management, sales techniques and ultimately enjoy the benefits of increased sales and profits. I can help you directly with Strategic Planning, Management Du Diligence and cost efficiency advise to ensure your business gets the right foundations to develop and grow year after year.

Below are a few ways I have helped a network of new and established companies across Cheshire and the UK with my business coaching service.


  • Clear and practical advice and direction
  • Experienced business expert
  • Full business review and new strategy ideas 
  • Sales and Marketing help
  • Hands on solutions and guidance
  • Establishing Reporting and KPIs Performance targets
  • Insight to Developing Sales Growth
  • Team effectiveness and Leadership development  
  • Coaching and mentoring for all levels of management 
  • Sales and management Training 
  • Specialist family business coaching experience
  • Operational improvements and Reducing costs
  • Negotiation and problem solving
  • Strategic planning and turnaround action plans
  • Focus on value added activities and cost savings
  • Business plans and Forecasting


Over the last 25 years of selling, as I worked my way up the sales and management ladder, I experienced many different ways of being coached, and mainly found that most of the coaches and business consultants I met had never actually been in sales, management or owned a business themselves, so they couldn’t truly deliver meaningful expert mentoring or advice.

This is where I differ, I can truly help increase sales, solve business issues, develop management and move your business forward successfully.

Please click on my pricing page to see how I offer my services and how affordable my Business Coaching advice is.

Product Sales Expert

As a Product Sales Expert I specialise in helping businesses across the UK to grow their product or service offering. I now share my experience and knowledge, to help increase product and business growth in a manageable and cost effective way. I can help you take your product or service to market, increase your customer base, grow your brand and improve your sales - Fast.

"Kieran knows the tools and techniques to accelerate your business sales and strategy, how to get you in front of your ideal clients, and  how to get you landing BIG orders." 


Below is a small list of the topics I can give your business advice and guidance on...

  • Launching a product in the UK.
  • How to Increase Sales and Customers
  • Product strategy
  • Understand and reaching buyers
  • Brand advice
  • Licencing a product or getting a licencing deal
  • Retail, trade or wholesale pricing
  • How to get your business started
  • Selling online, SEO and website content advice
  • Help with sales, and social media marketing on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • How to sell, where to sell
  • Finding the right sales agents
  • Business plans and marketing

Need help Brainstorming a problem or idea - Help with Pricing or explaining the route to market, a clear inside and knowledge of What a buyer wants or help to contact new prospects. - Contact me today

Having a great product or service is one thing. Getting it in front of the right buyer, consumer and into shops, and selling well is another matter. I can help you with all of this and more. Please view my pricing page to see how I offer my services and how affordable my Product Sales Expert advice is.

Sales Mentor

As a Professional Sales Mentor I offer sound practical advice and solutions on a range of problems and issues that you or your business might be facing including, sales growth, staff management and personal development, product and sales strategy, profit growth, launching and marketing of a new product or service, improving and managing sales teams, negotiating with buyers, and improving your customer experience plus much more. I now share my years of experience and knowledge as a successful sales and commercial director, helping guide you or your business to success with creative, practical and cost effective solutions.

"Kieran put a plan in place to help us grow our business - it was practical and affordable"


Below is a small list of topics of how I can work with you to share my knowledge and experience to help guide your business onto greater sales growth.

  • Sales training and workshops
  • Personal sales and management development
  • Liaising with your key customers
  • Negotiating sales contracts
  • Personal career development
  • Improving customer communication skills
  • Cold calling and selling to new businesses
  • Helping with your online sales strategy
  • How to achieve face to face meetings
  • How to get sales or grow sales profitably
  • Trade shows and which ones
  • Sales coaching and mentoring
  • Help with recruiting or interviewing good sales people
  • Managing and developing your sales team
  • Finding and working with Sales Agents
  • Help to sell your product or service in the UK
  • One to one sales guidance and career advice


Please click on my pricing page to see how I offer my services and how affordable my Sales Mentor advice is.


I coach, mentor and advise all types of new and established businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across the UK, sharing my knowledge and advice to, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and service providers across many industries. For the last 25 years I have successfully managed and driven both corporate brands, smaller family businesses and start-ups to accelerate their sales growth and development.

Mrs Holmes - Marketing Director -  Manufacturer

"Kieran Perry helped me with my Clothing Brand, to focus on a core range, structured pricing and clear advice on marketing. His mentoring with my business has been invaluable and his experience in website search engine optimisation and coaching is fantastic. He is professional and worked totally confidentially. Thank you."   

For the last 25 years I have successfully managed and driven both corporate brands, smaller family businesses and start-ups to maximise their sales growth and development.


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A Leader Member of the professional body for the sales industry. The Institute of Sales Management.

Qualified NLP Business Coach.

Qualified NLP Performance Development Coach.

Full HISCOX Professional Business Indemnity Insured Coach and Trainer.