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Unlock your business's full potential and achieve remarkable growth.

I work with business owners, directors, and individuals throughout the UK, providing expert business advice, effective growth strategies, business coaching and specialist sales help, in-person and remotely.

Business Advisor And Sales Expert

How Can A Strategic Business Advisor Help

My name is Kieran Perry, I am an experienced business advisor and sales expert, offering a range of bespoke business coaching, executive mentoring and sales training to clients across the UK.

I can help you to focus, structure and grow your business, improve profitability and identify the best way forward for your success. Contact Me

With a track record of successfully managing a turnover of £60 million for a world leading German manufacturer, launching and running profitable businesses across multiple industries, I have the expertise to help you develop your business strategy and achieve sales growth in trade, wholesale, retail and service sectors. 

I have worked for a broad range of top brands including, Waterford Crystal, Hormann, Emma Bridgewater, Innerscene Tech, Wedgewood, Hendrick Transport, Bosch, Lifetime Brands, Bushnell, Claudia Bradby, E-cloth, Votivo and Foss Analytics.

Do You Need Business Advice

As an experienced business advisor and coach my role is to share my expert knowledge and know-how to guide you, and provide clarity, strategy solutions and direction for your business. Please read more about my business advisory and business coaching Services. Learn more about my bespoke Sales Training and see my Pricing options.

Contact Me for a free 20 minute confidential telephone consultation - 07912 846 492

Further online business and sales help is also available via my Sales Fix Formula Book of which I am the published author of, and via my digital Sales Training Course.

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Business Advisor And Consultant

Business Advisory Services

I provide business advice and coaching, to help start ups, entrepreneurs, individuals and private businesses to think differently, identify and tackle barriers, prioritise tasks, find new clients, and implement the right business plan and sales strategies.

"I help solve business issues"

As a professional business advisor and consultant, I can quickly diagnose the areas of your business that need attention and more support, by knowing where and what to drill down on, including analysing, and providing insights into your financial accounts and data.

I offer expert advice and guidance to organizations that are looking to solve specific problems or improve their performance.

Business Advisor Services

How Can A Business Coach Improve Performance

Business Coaching

I can help you successfully start, progress or develop your business, whatever the service, product or size.

"I give sound business advice"

As an experienced business coach, sales expert and advisor, I provide you with proven sales, marketing and business strategies, plus new business ideas to enable your business to be reactive, flexible, and successful. I can work as a sounding board giving impartial feedback and strategic advice.

I help implement key changes that have a positive impact and transform businesses. My coaching work summarises what needs doing - and provides you with a shortcut of how to succeed.

Business Coaching Services

How Can A Sales Expert Increase Sales

Sales Coaching

If you are a start-up, or wanting to take your existing business to the next level, you've come to the right place. My sales coaching, training and advice offers expert guidance on developing, pricing, launching, and marketing any product or service.

As a skilled business coach and sales expert, I can help identify the most effective sales strategies that align with your goals, target audience, and unique selling proposition.

"I fix sales problems"

I help improve and focus sales performance, and teach new selling and marketing techniques, which enables companies and individuals to overcome problems, successfully sell more, and close profitable deals.

Sales Coaching And Training

Business Advisor For Executives

Executive Coaching

A company’s success relies on a strong, resolute, and motivated management team with excellent leadership skills.

I specialize in improving performance and results by supporting, guiding, and coaching key managers, directors, and business owners in a wide variety of industries.

"I mentor executives and leaders"

I provide fully personalised, measurable and scalable coaching and mentoring to companies and private clients across the UK.

Leadership And Executive Coaching

How Can Sales Coaching Help

Sales Training Courses

Let me show you or your sales team how to sell more, faster and how to become top sales professionals within your organisation.

I am the author of "The Sales Fix Formula" book and sales training courses. Both of my resources provide a comprehensive approach to overcoming any issues that may arise during the sales process.

My book and sales training courses contain a unique combination of targeted sales advice, specialist selling techniques and tools designed to help you tackle all potential selling and sales performance challenges.

My Sales Training Courses

Business Coaching UK

My business advice has been featured in numerous business publications including:

The London Economic,, International Business Times, London Reviews, CEO World, Readers Digest, Startups of London, Business Money, UK Business Magazine, Valiantceo, Tech Bullion, Influencive, Entrepreneur Handbook, Tech Times and more.

I offer a free 20 minute confidential telephone consultation, If you would like to discuss any of my business support further. You can also read more about my business advisor services on my FAQs.

Call me on 07912 846 492

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"Having Kieran in our business each month has been a game changer for us, his unique business knowledge and expert advice is invaluable."

Business Coach Near Me

Kieran Perry - My Career and Experience

Over the last 25 years, I have achieved a thriving career in sales, business management, and strategic marketing. During this time, I have had the honour of overseeing a manufacturing and distribution business worth a staggering £60 million, whilst also pioneering and selling my own online ventures.

As a business advisor and business coach based in Cheshire, I extend my business advisory services to clients near me and across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

My experience and career have given me a talent for advising, consulting, and coaching fellow entrepreneurs, startup businesses, and technology companies. By sharing my expertise, I help others overcome obstacles and achieve the success they desire.

In fact, as a seasoned freelance non-executive director, business coach and management consultant, I have been known to go above and beyond the call of duty, offering business advice and sales support that extends well beyond traditional boundaries.

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"I cannot recommend Kieran highly enough as a small business advisor near me in the UK. From our very first meeting I was made to feel very at ease and comfortable. His style of communication works perfectly for me and his knowledge of business growth practices and sales guidance has been invaluable. Thank you."

I Provide Actionable Strategies To Drive Your Business Forward

I empower and assist companies and individuals in unlocking their full potential, guiding them towards sustainable growth and long-term success. Whether you need to scale operations, enhance customer engagement, or boost profitability.

With my expertise, you can surpass limitations and achieve remarkable results. Discover the path to lasting success and unlock your business's true potential today.

Call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help.

Business Coach London

I offer my business coaching services and sales training to individuals, executives, business owners and small businesses across the UK and in Europe to provide a measurable difference.

Leadership Coaching

I have recently been a business advisor in, Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire, London, Birmingham, The Midlands, Oxford, Essex, Gloucester, Cheshire, Dublin, Lancashire, Sussex, Kent, Wales, Staffordshire, Scotland, Poland, Ireland, Germany, New York and Dubai.

Online Business Coach

How to hire a business coach and expert advisor for your business?

I provide my advice and training to private clients and businesses in person, online and over the phone, call me directly on 07912 846492 to get the business support you need.