Kieran Perry Sales and Management Training Coach

Hello, my name is Kieran Perry, and I am a top sales and management training coach specialising in helping other businesses increase their sales.

It is my 25 years of experience in sales and my last role as Head of Sales for a £60 million pound world leading Germany manufacturer - that has enabled me to devise my successful methodology to selling…. “The Sales Fix” formula. 

When you are bringing together all the elements required to offer a product to market , such as manufacture, production, installation, service and supply chain, after care, customer service, and marketing,  you need a clever and simple sales formula in place that combines all the elements and creates a water tight sales process that works and delivers results every time, and this is what my "Sales Fix" formula does.

My "Sales Fix" formula will bring a fresh approach to your existing sales processes, rejuvenate your sales teams approach to selling, and help boost your company's overall sales performance.

I now work with all sizes and types of businesses in many different industries, delivering my specialist sales training, coaching and speaking to unlock sales potential whatever the product or service.

So please take a look at the services I offer and  get in touch. I look forward to sharing my expertise with you and helping you or your team to successfully smash those sales.

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A Leader Member of the professional body for the sales industry. The Institute of Sales Management.

Qualified NLP Business Coach.

Qualified NLP Performance Development Coach.

Sales Training

There is a measurable impact that investing in people can bring. My "Selling... The Answers" sales training programme studies the effectiveness of your sales people at each stage of the sales cycle, and provides a "Sales Fix" formula that will not only inspire and motivate your staff, but dramatically improve their customer communication and relationship building approach, plus their delivery of service, and will ultimately improve their ability to reach far beyond their sales targets.

Sales Training

Sales Coaching

My sales coaching is about increasing personal effectiveness, and taking a sales professional’s ability, no matter at what level, and applying fundamentally sound sales coaching techniques that will help accelerate their talent development. 

Sales Coaching

Motivational Speaker


I now share my journey and expert " Sales Fix " formula both as a sales focused Keynote Speech and also as a Sales Training Workshop, delivering relevant, practical content, helping to re-ignite passion and purpose amongst sales and management teams whilst boosting team enthusiasm and energy.


Motivational Speaker