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My name is Kieran Perry, I am an experienced Business Coach, Sales Expert and Business Advisor.

I provide business advice, business coaching, sales training, executive mentoring and management consultancy to business owners, directors, start-ups and individuals across the UK and online.

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Business Coach & Sales Expert

"I am a real person, with real world experience, giving real results"

I have launched, developed and run profitable businesses in many different industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Food & Drink, SAAS, Logistics, Giftware and Technology. 

I have successfully managed a turnover of £60 million for a world leading Germany manufacturer, and now I help others to develop their business strategies and sales growth in Trade, Wholesale, Retail and Service sectors.

I am the author of The Sales Fix Formula - Top Sales Book.

I can help you start, grow or develop your business, identifying the best way forward.

Get in touch for a Free 20 minute telephone consultation - 07912 846 492

How Can A Business Coach Help

I share my knowledge and expertise, providing business coaching services, mentoring and management consultancy, to help start ups, entrepreneurs, individuals and small businesses to think differently, identify and tackle barriers, prioritise tasks, find new clients, and implement the right business plan and sales strategies.

"I help solve business issues"

As a professional business coach and advisor, I can quickly diagnose the areas of your business that need attention and more support, by knowing where and what to drill down on, including analysing, and providing insights into your financial accounts and data.

I offer you key commercial solutions and plans, with structured concise business coaching to enable you to easily increase profits, and reduce costs within your business.

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Do You Need Business Advice

I can help you successfully start, progress or develop your business, whatever the service, product or size.

"I give sound business advice"

As an experience business coach and consultant, I provide you with workable sales, marketing and business strategies, plus new business ideas to enable your business to be reactive, flexible, and successful. I can work as a sounding board giving impartial feedback and advice.

I help implement key changes that have a positive impact and transform businesses. My coaching work summarises what needs doing - and provides you with a shortcut of how to succeed.

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What Does A Sales Expert Do

I specialise in helping start-ups and small businesses in all sectors with sales advice, sales strategies, digital marketing and growth plans, customer base development, sales training and consultancy.

"I fix sales problems"

My sales coaching practice offers expert guidance on developing, launching, marketing and pricing new and existing products and services.

I help improve and focus sales ability, and teach new selling and marketing techniques, which enable companies and individuals to successfully sell more, and close profitable deals.

My small business coaching helps businesses perform better, grow their sales online and make more profit. I am the author of the Sales Fix Formula book.

By coaching clients, I help executives, directors, managers and business owners to take their products and services to market, supporting them to increase their customer base, grow their brand awareness and improve sales growth.

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What Is Leadership Mentoring And Executive Coaching

A company's long term success depends on the management team's efficiency, dedication, motivation and leadership skills, and this must be cultivated and nurtured. Having a supportive and insightful manager, director or boss leads to better performance and better results, and this is the area of executive coaching, one-to-one mentoring and leadership coaching I specialise in.

"I mentor executives and leaders"

Communication and team leadership are key to any business's future success. I provide fully personalised, measurable and scalable business coaching and mentoring to companies and private clients across the UK.

For my business coaching services, please contact me directly on 07912 846492 to discuss your executive coaching requirements.

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How Can Sales Coaching And Training Help

Success in sales comes from implementing a series of straight forward and easy to use sales strategies and disciplines. As a successful sales trainer and sales coach, I can provide you with up to date sales coaching and explain the methodology to selling, helping to create lasting positive changes to your sales skills and business growth.

"I teach new sales techniques"

Let me show you or your sales team how to sell more, faster and how to become top sales professionals within your organisation.

I also offer sales recruitment specialist services to help you find the right sales director, sales manager or your next successful sales professional for your business.

I am the founder and author of "The Sales Fix Formula" a sales training programme and book, that combines a unique set of elements that addresses all the possible problems you may face throughout the sales process, and how to overcome them.

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Business Coach And Consultant

Kieran Perry - My Career and Experience

My successful sales, management and marketing career has spanned the last 25 years, and in that time, I have been responsible for the sales, management, business success and growth of a £60 million pound manufacturing and distribution business, plus developed, marketed and sold my own online businesses.

Business Coach near Me

I am based in Cheshire coaching clients across the UK including London and online. I have worked for a broad range of top brands including, Waterford Crystal, Hormann, Emma Bridgewater, Wedgewood, Lifetime Brands, Bushnell, Pierre Cardin, Claudia Bradby, E-cloth and Votivo.

As a top UK talented business coach, consultant and freelance non executive director, I now help and offer expert advice to other business owners, modern day entrepreneurs, start-ups and new tech companies on how to start, grow and succeed in business.

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"Having Kieran in our business each month has been a game changer for us, his unique business knowledge and expert advice is invaluable."

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The Sales Fix Formula

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The step by step practical guide to sales and successful selling - For Start-Ups, Modern Day Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales Professionals.

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"I cannot recommend Kieran highly enough as a business coach near me in the UK. From our very first meeting I was made to feel very at ease and comfortable. His style of communication works perfectly for me and his knowledge of business growth practices and sales guidance has been invaluable. Thank you."

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Small Business Coaching

As a qualified business coach, I can help you and your team near me or across the UK, reach new levels of sales and leadership skills, enabling you and your company to achieve business growth and sales success in your sector.

I am very experienced in executive coaching and management consultancy, with over 25 years of experience. I have been involved in many high-profile companies with my business coaching services and helped every one of them achieve sales growth and business success. My leadership coaching can help you become a better manager and guide your team to reach new heights.

As a veteran of industry, top business consultant and non-executive director, I enjoy helping others push their business and management teams to achieve the most business development and sales growth possible, from small start-ups to multi-national corporations.

"I highly recommend Kieran Perry as a top business coach and mentor. He is based in Cheshire but came south to London to provide me with great business advice and business coaching for my team. He helped me develop my business giving me a growth plan for the future. I have also booked him again next month to give my team, sales and management training too. Thanks...."

I business coach near me Individuals, business owners and professionals coaching and mentoring across the UK and in Europe to provide a measurable difference. I have recently been a business coach and mentor in Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire, London, Birmingham, The Midlands, Oxford, Essex, Gloucester, Cheshire, Dublin, Lancashire, Sussex, Kent, Wales, Staffordshire, Scotland, Poland, Ireland, Germany, New York and Dubai.

Call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help your business.

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