Sales Expert Advice For Business Owners and Individuals

Success in sales comes from implementing a series of straight forward and easy to use disciplines and processes by using my Sales Fix Formula. My methodology can create lasting positive changes to the skills and attitudes of sales professionals.

I am the founder of the “Sales Fix Formula" which is a training programme that combines my unique set of elements devised as a formula that addresses all the problems faced throughout the sales process, and how to over come them to achieve successful sales growth.

I can teach you my key tips on how to be a confident & successful salesperson.

My name is Kieran Perry, I am an independent business advisor and sales expert offering business coaching and sales training. I work with individuals, directors and business owners across the UK, providing structured and practical business advice and sales help.

I offer a FREE 20 minute confidential telephone consultation - So please call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help you or your business.

Sales Expert & Sales Training

Topics I offer as workshops or one2one sales training:

  • The Principles Of Sales Management
  • Sales Growth
  • Negotiation Skills and NLP Training
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales Negotiation
  • Sales Planning and Pipeline Forecasting
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Customer Presentations and Selling Skills 

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"I spoke to Kieran about my personal requirements and arranged a one day sales workshop, to help me improve my selling techniques. I found Kieran to be extremely professional and I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of sales, including wholesale, retail pricing, sales and how to tips. Kieran provided me with new building blocks to enhance our business and great ideas to grow our leisure brand. I would recommend Kieran to any company."

"Great Session - I really enjoyed yesterday. And thanks for your time and wisdom. Your support is a real help and your sales coaching is brilliant."

This client wanted to quickly increase the profits of their business. I attended their home and reviewed their business accounts for the year identifying areas of improvement straight away.

During our half day together, I also examined their current business situation, and growth strategy, and gave a range of new ideas and options they could easily incorporate, that would increase their profit.

I also provided them with a series of new sales techniques to gain more customers in new market sectors.