Clients & Reviews

Below are some of my Recent Client Case Studies and Customer Reviews. To ensure my clients confidentiality and privacy, only certain client approved information is provided in my reviews and testimonials.

"I have implemented the changes we discussed and my net profit this month was up to 38% and still improving and hope to reach 40% by the end of the year. it's a massive improvement and it has been so nice to feel that I've had advice from someone who is actually on my side."

"I found talking to Kieran and his ideas very useful, things became much clearer and I now have a clear plan for the year ahead. I would recommend Kieran to anybody"

"Kieran's experience was essential to us, as we had only been running for 6 months and needed some help getting our business to the next level both in terms of sales and also business structure and we needed to start making a profit, he worked with us over the course of a 6 month period and provided us with invaluable insights into business and a sound sales plan, that has now seen us into profit."

"When we went to Kieran we were feeling lost, confused, scared and stressed out with our small business. We quickly realised that we would need business help and growth guidance. We found the business advisor Kieran and decided to take the leap, he spent time with us and explained every intricate detail that we would never have thought of regarding our business. We have left feeling confident, excited and ready to run a long term successful business with his advice. 

We really do feel like Kieran has handed us great business advice and the key to success. He left us with a gift of his own book which is amazing and we have learnt so much from it already! Thank you so much."

I mentored and coached the Managing Director over 18 months together with his management team to improve company structure, and team reporting. I developed a new successful customer strategy for the business, including visiting and presenting to distributors and customers across Europe.

Implemented new marketing and website improvements, and advised on employing new key members of staff in multiple departments.

As a result of my consultancy services this company has successfully improved their monthly profit, streamlined their overheads and grown sales to new sectors.

" Kieran Perry helped me with my company's strategic planning and guided me to set a clear, and workable growth plan into more profitable sectors. I plan to work with Kieran regularly"

“I found the phone call extremely useful, thank you Kieran for sharing your knowledge and all the techniques you taught me, I really have the confidence now to start up on my own.”

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"It was lovely speaking to you on Saturday. I find once I speak to you, I get right back on track again. Thank you!"

"Kieran's insights and years of sales experience and top business tips are excellent - the sales fix formula book has all the sales help you will ever need in one place. thanks"

Updated after 1 year

After working over several months with Alex, the owner of a market leading family bakery business, on a number of sales and customer development projects, the company has gone from strength to strength.

By taking on board my advice and adopting my unique sales and marketing strategies to increase customer activities, their turnover is now on target to double this year.

Alex asked me to help him on one project originally “to get his products into more major stores”, after successfully achieving this goal for him, he then had the finances and confidence to increase production and look to buy a competitors business – having the busiest and most profit quarter since the business began.

"I would like to thank you on your insight and perspective on how we have been doing things. You have really made a difference. You have given me the answers I was looking for and told us exactly and practically where and what to do. I will take your advice and follow the steps you have given me. Thank you Kieran much appreciated."

"Thank you for your help and guidance interviewing my new sales staff for my business - your knowledge and experience saved me a lot of time and money. Very Happy to Recommend Kieran."

"Thank you for your excellent summary and thank you for coming to visit us today at our offices. We all found it to be a very productive meeting and both your business advice and sales insight has been invaluable to our business."

“Thank you again for your time on Friday, I really enjoyed meeting you and your resume is very impressive! I really appreciated your very grounded and friendly approach and found our meeting very informative. It gave me confidence, and I will be coming back to you for another day’s advice and mentoring.”

This client wanted to quickly increase the profits of their business. I attended their home and reviewed their business accounts for the year identifying areas of improvement straight away. During our half day together, I also examined their current business situation, and growth strategy, and gave a range of new ideas and options they could easily incorporate, that would increase their profit.

I also provided them with a series of new sales techniques to gain more customers in new market sectors.

"Was great to finally meet up with you today, just wanted to say a huge thanks for the advice and guidance on the business, I felt positive, even more motivated and clear on what it is I need to do, and more importantly I appreciate the honesty which you delivered. Awesome advice Kieran, thank you very much again, absolutely spot on."

“I worked with Kieran on our sales and business direction direct. His advice and guidance to our trade sales helped it increase by 20% within a few months. His  business knowledge together with his understanding of different market sectors was excellent and affordable. He also worked with our PR department on a market research project and acted as our customer liaison, when launching several new ranges to clients.”

The business owners required guidance and direction on how to approach, correspond and deal with a range of potential national supermarkets and wholesalers for their growing brand.

I worked with their sales director, guiding him on how to identify and target new buyers, helping him to sell to a range of new customers, and secure several new contracts.

Plus worked with the managing director on the company's general business strategy and direction for 2020.

"Thanks for your time today. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I wish I’d been in touch twelve months ago, you would have saved me a lot of time thanks for your help to grow my business in the right direction."

I was asked to advise on the development and launch of a new retail product and brand, guiding the inventor and owner on a range of manufacturing options, improvements and costings, including advice on retail and buyer requirements and a clear guidance on potential markets.

I explained all the positives and negatives involved in importing and setting up this type of business in the UK ensuring the business plan we designed together would create a viable and profitable business.

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"Thank you for coming to visit me today and talking me through my annual accounts and monthly management figures. Your advice was excellent on helping me make more profit and your sales guidance I will put into place immediately."

I was asked if I could spend the morning to help an individual fully prepare for a high level sales job interview the following day.

During our time together I gave the client a "crash course" in selling and helped them create a sales pitch to use in their interview.

The rest of the morning was spent explaining the sales process, and sharing my sales fix formula, which I have developed over the years to help both new and experienced sales staff improve their selling skills. 

"Many thanks for your visit today Kieran. You were a great help in getting me ‘unstuck’ in my thinking and a reality check on the urgency of the problem."

I worked with this new client over several weeks via Skype to help guide and mentor him in developing his new start-up business. I coached him through his business plan, prioritised tasks and advised on the best ways to get online and get his first sales.

During this process I gave him weekly direction and motivation, together with an experienced objective view to ensure his investment was spent in the right way and at the right time. This saved him a lot of time and money by accessing my wealth of knowledge to move forward faster.

"Great Session - I really enjoyed yesterday. And thanks for your time and wisdom. Your support is a real help and your sales coaching is brilliant."

I visited this new client earlier this year to discuss his concerns that his business was not growing quickly enough. After spending the morning learning all about the company’s history, processes and reviewing current financial figures, I identified a number of problems holding them back. As part of my consultancy I provided a summary of the day, and an action list of improvements for them to follow up on.

I was invited back to review their website after improvements had been made, and advised on content for their SEO and social media.

"You have been such a great sense of direction, support and strength to myself and the team, your contribution and attitude has been immense to the company. I have enjoyed working with you and the value you have added to my company with your sales and business knowledge and advice."

I travelled down to London monthly to spend the day with the founder of this growing business. A few weeks before she had contacted me to ask for advice, so we booked our first meeting and planned to start covering all the topics on her agenda, during our face to face meeting.

The brief was that she wanted guidance and mentoring on prioritising key tasks, advice on which areas of her business to develop, and help with how to work out where to employ new staff.

I also included coaching to help my client develop her leadership skills further.

"Can I just thank Kieran Perry for the honest telephone call, he gave me a balanced assessment and information, that's why I trust his words. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as my trusted business advisor"

The managing director of this software business asked me to spend the day with her at their office, to review their current financial situation, and provide a strategy to help reduce overheads and improve cashflow. During the day I provided a number of solutions and showed how to improve the structure and development of the business.

I also had some time to help run a "brain storming" session to generate a range of new ideas for her to present to company's investors.

"Kieran's sales advice and simple changes to our business and website had our sales up after just two weeks, we have never had so many orders. He is now helping us approach supermarkets and national retailer with great success - I am happy to recommend him as a business coach and sales expert."

I put together a bespoke workshop to train a group of staff in new negotiation and cold calling skills to improve their customer interaction.

I provided each attendee with a bespoke sales workshop booklet, and the day was spent re discovering the foundations of sales, working on case studies and learning a whole new range of techniques to help them in their day to day sales life. Follow up courses have now been booked by the client to offer this workshop to more of its staff.

"Excellent Online Sales Trainer - I really enjoyed the training. And thanks for your time and wisdom. Your motivation and advice is a real help and your training is brilliant for me and the team."

I was asked for business advice and mentoring to help guide the growth of this established agency into new international markets. I fully reviewed the business and set a clear plan and objectives by team members, of how this was to be achieved – with a time timeline and responsibilities.

I monitored and reviewed the project as it developed monthly, motivating staff and tackling barriers.

This company now operates in 3 new countries.

I offer a FREE 20 minute discovery telephone consultation - Please call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help your business.

"I spoke to Kieran about my personal requirements and arranged a one day sales workshop, to help me improve my selling techniques. I found Kieran to be extremely professional and I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of sales, including wholesale, retail pricing, sales and how to tips. Kieran provided me with new building blocks to enhance our business and great ideas to grow our leisure brand. I would recommend Kieran to any company."

This client had too much stock and too few sales. The day was spent with the owner and the management team to review everything and help them start building a sensible growth plan.

As with most of my clients and businesses I work with, I gave a range of advice, solutions and new ideas on both the business and sales improvements.

Each business is different so my advice is always tailored to the company I am working for, as many factors need to be taken into consideration before any advice, coaching or guidance can be given.

"We hired Kieran Perry recently to help redirect the business and also drill down on the problem areas we had within our sales division, the work he has done for us is outstanding and we are now working with Kieran quarterly to continue developing the sales and marketing strategy he created, he is brilliant at seeing it from the customers point of view."

Over several days I worked with the manufacturing director and their investor as a mentor, to review the business’s running costs. I was asked to consult on the correct retail price for their products within different markets. During these few days I also provided a new 12 month sales and marketing strategy, and advised on actions and objectives needed to be completed.

I was also asked to work with one of the directors monthly to help him complete a full appraisal of their suppliers, to improve their manufacturing costs, plus structured a new sales manager’s job role.

“I contacted Kieran to take up his services as consultant as I needed some help in getting more of my products into shops. I knew I had a good range of gift products that were of a good quality but didn’t have the experience of retail sales, so I contacted Kieran to help me take the next step into developing the business. Kieran came along and helped me focus on the main range of products that would be most profitable and sell well in the shops, he then helped me structure a plan of how to successfully supply the trade without incurring too many costs. He developed a strategy of what type of market sector was my target customer base and what was the right way to approach them with my products. Kieran also provided ways in which I could improve my brand and increase take up of my products in shops. The results have been amazing, and I really am very grateful for the help and advice Kieran gave me.”

I researched and structured a full sales strategy for this new business, helping the owner to start developing all his ideas.

I had a "hands on" role with this consultancy and helped manage their advertising, website and business growth strategy with monthly meetings and support.

"I really appreciated your very friendly and energetic approach to our sales and negotiation training, it really has made a massive difference to me and our internal sales teams attitude."