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With over 25 years of experience as a Sales & Marketing Director, Head of Sales, and Business Consultant, Kieran Perry is a seasoned professional known for driving growth across competitive sectors such as Technology, Construction, FMCG, Manufacturing, and Retail.  As an experienced business advisor and sales expert based in the UK, Kieran partners with ambitious organisations to drive strategic expansion and help them fully realise their potential.

Kieran has navigated challenges in blue-chip and privately-owned businesses, driving sustainable global growth. With a track record of P&L responsibility of £60 million plus, Kieran's strategic approach and ability to inspire teams yield exceptional results. He excels in providing expert coaching, dynamic leadership, and tailored sales strategies to SMEs, key management teams, and business owners throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Kieran Perry has successfully developed businesses and leadership teams in various industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Food & Drink, SAAS, Logistics, Giftware, and Technology. Having managed a turnover of £60 million for a world-leading German manufacturer, Kieran now partners with organisations across the UK as a business growth consultant and adviser to develop expanding businesses in Trade, Wholesale, Retail, and Service sectors. Passionate about creating compelling visions that lead to robust revenues and profits, Kieran Perry is your trusted partner for driving growth and success in today's competitive market.

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25 Years of Success as a Management Consultant, Business Advisor, and Executive Coach

With over 25 years of dynamic experience spanning sales management, directorial positions, and entrepreneurship, I now serve as a self-employed business consultant and proud member of the Institute of Sales Management and Education.

My career now enables me to provide targeted advice for businesses aiming to boost sales and steer strategic growth. Leveraging this wealth of experience, I share invaluable sales knowledge and business strategies to help other businesses grow and maximise profits. Armed with a treasure trove of sales wisdom, I empower others to realise their growth potential. Curious about my background and how I can propel your success? Here's my story...

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Harnessing Experience: From Business Management to Client Success

First I learnt how people buy….

After qualifying in Business Management at the age of 18, I then joined the family business. My father had worked very hard to build up a reputable consumer electronics and gift business with a turnover of £10 million, and I was inspired and proud of what he had achieved.

Soon I was attending buying meetings with Argos, John Lewis, Makro, Tesco and the Co-Op, so I learnt very quickly what was required by a buyer, and how to successfully sell vast quantities of consumer goods and that was over 25 years ago.

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Strategies for Successful Business Growth: Insights from 25+ Years of Experience

Drawing on the skills acquired through training in my family's business, I steadily advanced through various roles in sales and management over the past 25 years.

From the outset of my career, I recognised the critical importance of assembling a proficient management team, fostering an outstanding sales force, and implementing a robust growth strategy to mitigate the substantial risks associated with underperforming businesses of any size.

When I was headhunted to join a large German manufacturer and world leader in its field, managing a sales turnover of £60 million, and running large teams of areas sales managers and project sales managers, I discovered that managing sales and leadership teams at that level was not fully about company sales, but in fact it was much more about problem solving, relationship building and staff motivation.

Leadership extends beyond sales metrics, highlighting vital skills like problem-solving, relationship-building, staff motivation, and adaptability, which are crucial for achieving success in any business.

Personal and Professional Development

I work with CEOs, Business Owners, Directors and Individuals across the UK, providing tailored practical business advice, business growth strategies and leadership excellence. I offer a Free 20 minute telephone consultation - So call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help your business.

Recent Consultancy Highlights:

Management Leadership: Provided sales directorship to a thriving €30 million B2B business, implementing robust business and sales strategies. Advised the Managing Director and fostered a culture of sales growth and excellence within the organization.

Executive Coaching: Mentored the management team and owner of a market-leading family FMCG business, resulting in increased customer activities and doubled turnover.

Sales Training: Designed and implemented bespoke sales training and account management workshops for a range of clients, including Worcester-Bosch.

Business Advisory: Provided invaluable insights and guidance to a Silicon Valley manufacturing business, leading them towards sustained growth and profitability.

Business Mentoring: Implemented transformative changes in purchasing, financial management, and operations for an online retail venture, significantly increasing their net profit.

Sales Expertise: Transformed a software business by devising and implementing a new sales and marketing strategy, focusing on innovative approaches to target customers effectively.

Business Management Consultant

I work hand in hand with every client, delving deep into their business goals and growth aspirations. By gaining a thorough understanding of their needs, I craft customised strategies and solutions aimed at fostering long-term success.

My extensive travels to various countries have equipped me with invaluable insights into international business practices. From engaging with manufacturers and buyers to visiting distribution centres and clients, I bring first hand knowledge that enriches my clients' perspectives and strategies, particularly in the global arena.

With this combined expertise, I empower my clients to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape with confidence and clarity. Together, we chart a course for sustainable growth and expansion, leveraging tailored approaches that drive tangible results and propel their businesses to new heights.

Performance Coaching

What I enjoy most is seeing my clients achieve their full potential through our work together. There is nothing more rewarding than helping ambitious organisations across the UK gain the clarity, strategies, and tools needed to thrive.

I am deeply committed to understanding each client's unique aspirations so I can best advise them through strategic planning, operational improvements, and leadership development.

My core consulting services include:

Corporate Strategy Development

Creating fully customised strategic plans tailored to help clients achieve their vision and growth goals. In-depth analysis identifies new opportunities and strategies.

Management Consulting London

Optimising processes, organizational structures, productivity, performance metrics and bottom line results. Enhances efficiency, profitability, and scalability.

Executive Coaching UK

One-on-one coaching for senior leadership to elevate their skills and capabilities in areas like strategic thinking, decision making, team leadership, and goal achievement.

Change Management Courses

Effective Leadership and company culture frameworks to set clear and objective strategy plans for business growth and operational change.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship goes beyond mere business ventures; it's about turning dreams into tangible achievements. In our fast-paced world, it's the driving force behind new ideas, economic expansion, and avenues for personal and communal growth.

At its heart, entrepreneurship is all about creativity, determination, and pushing boundaries. It encourages us to question norms, revolutionise industries, and leave a mark on the world. Through entrepreneurship, people can forge their own destinies, unlock their capabilities, and leave a positive impact on society.

Entrepreneurship isn't confined to boardrooms and startups; it's a mindset that fosters innovation, resilience, and progress. It's about daring to dream big, taking risks, and creating change that resonates far beyond oneself.

In embracing entrepreneurship, individuals can shape their futures, inspire others, and be part of a transformative journey toward a brighter tomorrow.

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I am a Member of The Institute of Sales Management & Education.

Diploma in Renewable & Sustainable Energy.

Qualified NLP Business Coach.

Qualified NLP Performance Development Coach.

Full Hiscox Professional Business Indemnity Insured Business Coach and Trainer.

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Business Consultant - A Recent Review:

Mike Williams - Director of Luxury Food Brand
"I spoke in detail with Kieran about my company's requirements and he designed a range of business coaching and growth strategy training for myself and my leadership team. I found Kieran to be extremely likeable and I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of sales and his clever business strategies. I would highly recommend Kieran to any company."