The Sales Fix Formula E-book

It is a practical book, but packed with information and lessons, sometimes hard ones, learnt by Kieran in his career journey as a sales expert.

It distils the sales process into ten elements, from finding the right customers, through building trust and integrity, to negotiation and closing the sale.

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Kieran continues, “Over the last 25 years I have sold multi-million pounds of products and services for organisations and it taught me that I truly didn’t need to concern myself with what the product was, but instead to focus purely on what my customer needed.

I explain the journey in this new book together with a range of clever selling techniques and my top tips to help anyone sell more and grow their business.”

The Sales Fix Formula - E-Book Digital Download

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He aims the book at start-up businesses, company owners and entrepreneurs: people needing business growth, sales strategies and marketing ideas. Many of his clients are now businesses that he coaches to help hit their strategic goals, by harnessing the ideas in the book. “I now coach and train many top businesses and directors across Europe and more sales and business growth strategies are always number one on their to do lists.”

The book ends with 50 ways to promote your business and a recap of the top sales tips. Overall it's very easy to read, jargon free and an approachable way to improve your sales ability from someone who has spent years mastering every aspect of the process.

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