Testimonials from my recent clients...


Below is just a small selection of my recent client's kind comments...


Mrs Langford - Managing Director - Manufacturer

"You have been such a great sense of direction, support and strength to the team and your contribution and attitude has been immense to the company. I have enjoyed working with you and the value you have added to our company."


Mr Toby - Owner  - Internet Retailer 
"Kieran's advice and simple changes to our website had our internet sales update after just two weeks, we have never had so many orders - I am happy to recommend him as a business coach and product sales expert."

Chris Talbot, General Manager - Caravan Retail Sales Outlet.

"I spoke to Kieran about my personal requirements and arranged a one day workshop. I found Kieran to be extremely professional and I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of sales, including wholesale, retail sales and websites. Kieran provided me with new building blocks to enhance our business and great ideas to grow our leisure brand. I would recommend Kieran to any company."


Mr J Dodd, Sales Director, Service Supplier

"We hired Kieran recently to help redirect the business and also drill down on the problem areas we had within our sales division, the work he has done for us is outstanding and we are now working with Kieran quarterly to continue developing the sales and marketing strategy he created, he is brilliant at seeing it from the customers point of view."

Miss A Jenkins - New Online Food Business - Start up

“I found the phone call extremely useful, thank you Kieran for sharing your knowledge and all the techniques you taught me, I really have the confidence now to start up on my own.”

Mr D Marks – MD – Gift Product Manufacturer

“I contacted Kieran to take up his services as consultant as I needed some help in getting more of my products into shops. I knew I had a good range of gift products that were of a good quality but didn’t have the experience of retail sales, so I contacted Kieran to help me take the next step into developing the business. Kieran came along and helped me focus on the main range of products that would be most profitable and sell well in the shops, he then helped me structure a plan of how to successfully supply the trade without incurring too many costs. He developed a strategy of what type of market sector was my target customer base and what was the right way to approach them with my products. Kieran also provided ways in which I could improve my brand and increase take up of my products in shops. The results have been amazing, and I really am very grateful for the help and advice Kieran gave me.”

Jonathon Gillan, Managing Director, Online Business  - London

"Kieran's experience was essential to us, as we had only been running for 6 months and needed some help getting our business to the next level both in terms of sales and also business structure and we needed to start making a profit, he worked with us over the course of a 6 month period and provided us with invaluable insights into business and a sound sales plan, that has now seen us into profit."

Gaby Novelli - Partner - New Toy & Gift Importer

“Thank you again for your time on Friday, I really enjoyed meeting you and your resume is very impressive! I really appreciated your very grounded and friendly approach and found our meeting very informative. It gave me confidence, and I will be coming back to you for another day’s advice and mentoring.


Mr M Sutcliffe - Sales Director - Drinks Wholesaler and Distributor

“Kieran worked with our sales team to direct and mentor them, and with his guidance our trade sales increased by 20%. His direction and business knowledge together with his understanding of different market sectors was excellent and affordable. He also worked with our PR department on a market research project and acted as our customer liaison, when launching several new ranges to clients.”

Mr B Gee - Owner - Importer Retail Products

“After speaking with Kieran on how to get our new product to the market we feel a whole lot more confident now than we did a few months ago. We found the consultation very helpful, Kieran helped us find an experienced UK Sales Agent too.”

Mr S Parry, Commercial Director, Trade

"Kieran worked with myself and our sales team to direct and mentor them, and with his guidance our trade sales increased. His direction and business knowledge together with his understanding of different market sectors was excellent and affordable."

Paul Turner, Business Director - Manchester

"I really appreciated your very friendly and energetic approach to our sales and negotiation training, it really has made a massive difference to me and our internal sales teams attitude."

Mr T Collins, Director Of Marketing , Industry Association

" Kieran did a brilliant job speaking at our latest conference for our members, he shared his very different approach to sales, his "sales fix formula", which really motivated our team and engaged the audience."

Mrs N Holmes - Marketing Director - Clothing Brand / Manufacturer

"Kieran Perry helped me with my Clothing Brand, to focus on a core range, structured pricing and clear and good advice on marketing ideas on and off line. His mentoring with my business has been invaluable and his experience in website search engine optimisation and recommendations, fantastic. He is professional and worked totally confidentially. Thank you."

Mrs Nicky Clowes - Tesco -Brand Marketing

"Kieran is extremely professional in his work and has a vast knowledge of strategic selling and business development. I would recommend him in an instant."

I also advise and mentor on a wide range of other Selling and Business topics to ensure your business successfully gets the right route to market, so please take a look at my Services page to see what I have to offer and how I can help.

It is my 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, together with my last role as "Head of Sales" managing a turnover of £60 million pounds for a world leading Germany manufacturer that has enabled me to devise my successful methodology to product selling and business coaching. I now offer expert sales and product advice to businesses and individuals at all levels, helping grow sales. As an owner of my own Business, previous Sales Director and practising Business Coach I now share my knowledge to help others succeed and avoid costly business mistakes.

Product and Sales Expert

Based in Cheshire. UK