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The "Sales Fix" Formula       Keynote Speech and Sales Workshops

It is my 25 years of experience is sales and my last role, as Head of Sales managing a turnover of £60 million pounds for a world leading Germany manufacturer- that has enabled me to devise my successful methodology to selling…. “The Sales Fix” formula. 

I now share my journey and expert " Sales Fix " formula both as a sales focused Keynote Speech and also as a Sales Training Workshop, delivering relevant, practical content, helping to re-ignite passion and purpose amongst sales and management teams whilst boosting team enthusiasm and energy.

My "Sales Fix" formula brings a fresh approach to existing sales processes, rejuvenates a sales teams approach to selling, and can greatly help boost a company's overall sales performance.

Both my Keynote Speech and Sales Workshops provide sales focused key messages specifically tailored to your company’s individual needs, with useful and easy to use tools to take away. They will not only equip your audience with new skills, but will leave sales professionals energized to put their newly acquired lessons into practice.

As a specialist Sales Motivational Speaker, I can be booked to speak at Sales Conferences, or General Conferences where a company would like their staff to be more ‘sales focused” and can also combine my Keynote Speech and a Sales Training Session together for a single event if required.

So if you would like me to help at your next conference or meeting, please get in touch.


Mobile:  07912 846492  Office:  01477 652 115 or use the contact form below, and I will call you back.


Motivational Speaker