Selling With A Positive Mindset - Audio Download

Selling With A Positive Mindset - Audio Download

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How To Get A Positive Mindset

Digital Audio Download

This guided motivational meditation audio download is designed to help the sales person become more aware of any negative self-talk they personally have, and provide a technique for dumping those thoughts and focusing on their positive/success image. It also makes them aware of their own ability to relax and begins to teach them simple self-hypnosis.

Give yourself

sales confidence

and create a positive, successful sales mindset.

Listening to this meditation and instructions a few times a week can make a massive difference to your confidence and selling style and helps also improve your well-being and general positive mindset.

This mediation download is for you to keep on your phone, laptop or computer to listen to when ever you want. Approx. run time 10 mins, and works on all Apple IOS and Android devices including laptops, computers and tablets.

This audio file is emailed to you automatically, straight after you have added to your basket, checked out and paid. (Please ensure you provide your correct email address in the payment process)

English Language

These audio downloads are specially designed to support and help professionals and individuals on a range of business issues. Fully designed together with an Accredited Trainer & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Teacher & Coach. Read More Here

We recommend you listen to this download multiple times and regularly.

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