Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Audio Download

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Audio Download

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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

This downloads helps you to Overcome Imposter Syndrome - 30 Minute Digital Audio Download

Do you feel you don't deserve your position or title?

Regular listening of this guided motivational recording will help you to accept that you are who you are and through your own work efforts, values and beliefs and your own guiding principles, you deserve the success you have achieved in your personal and professional life. 

How To Build Self Esteem

This download will help to build your self-esteem but keep you grounded, with a sense of gratitude and humility.

This mediation and inspirational download is for you to keep on your phone, laptop or computer to listen to when ever you want. Approx. run time 30 mins, and works on all Apple IOS and Android devices, laptops, computers and tablets.

This audio file is emailed to you automatically, straight after you have added to your basket, checked out and paid. (Please ensure you provide your correct email address in the payment process)

English Language

These audio downloads are specially designed to support and help professionals and individuals on a range of business issues. Fully designed together with an Accredited Trainer & Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Teacher & Coach. Read More Here

We recommend you listen to this download multiple times and regularly.

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