How To Start And Grow A New Business - Ebook

How To Start And Grow A New Business - Ebook

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How To Start And Grow A New Business

- Downloadable E-book

You may be contemplating setting up a business from scratch, wanting to grow your existing business or it may be you are reading this because you are thinking of launching a new product or service.

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Many of the problems faced in setting up a new business are similar to the ones you are likely to encounter when launching a new product or service. I help the reader throughout this e-book to consider and overcome a range of issues you may come up against - giving advice and guidance on the best ways forward.

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In this How to start and grow a new business e-book I cover all these topics giving you helpful advice to get you started, guidance top tips and resources.


• Introduction
• Where Do You Want to Go?
• What to do when thinking of starting a new business online.
• Don't Become a Failure Statistic
• Decide On Your Business Model
• Premises
• Shift the Risk
• The Business Plan
• In the current business climate you need to
• Annual Key Objectives Plan Form
• Cash Flow
• Get to Grips With the Cash Flow
• Sales and Marketing
• A Cautionary Tale – 1
• A Cautionary Tale – 2
• The Product
• Your Product in a Customer's Hands
• Selling to the Retailer
• Retailer's Resistance to New Products
• Selling Yourself
• The Role of the Specialist Sales Agent
• Trade Fairs and Other Methods
• Test Marketing and the Price
• Advertising and Promotion
• Using the Internet
• Back to the Business Plan
• Funding
• Monitoring Performance
• 15 Ways A Small Business Can Survive A Crisis / Recession.
• Customers are Hard to Get
• Ideas for New Products
• Protecting Your Brand
• Conclusion

This digital e-book download is yours to keep on your phone, laptop or computer to refer to when ever you want. This digital ebook has over 30 pages of content, advice, and links. This e-book can easily be downloaded and read on all Apple IOS and Android devices, and works on all makes and models of laptops, tablets and computers.

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