Executive Sales Recruitment

I offer a specialist sales and management recruitment service. I help you find the best sales directors, sales managers and sales executives across the UK and Europe, for your business.

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What is Sales Recruitment

I'm highly experienced at recruiting top sales talent for a wide variety of industries including finance, retail, construction, IT, engineering, and manufacturing.

My extensive network of contacts within many sectors helps me to ensure that I can connect the very best sales opportunities with the best sales professionals across the UK and Europe, for a fixed fee. Email me directly at info@kieranperry.com or contact me on 07912 846 492 for more information.

My specialist bespoke sales recruitment services

I profile, search and short list you the perfect sales or management candidates for your business and industry for a set fee.

  • Personal Service
  • Fixed Recruitment Costs
  • Broad Industry Knowledge
  • Bespoke Service
  • Single Placements to Multi Contracts
  • Specialist Recruitment for Private and SME's Businesses
  • UK and Europe coverage


Email me directly at info@kieranperry.com and let me know how I can help you find the perfect sales candidate for your business.

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How To Hire A Top Sales Director?

Hiring the right sales manager or director is critical for the success of any business, and using a sales recruitment specialist can significantly increase your chances of finding the best fit. My sales recruitment services have the expertise and experience to identify the most suitable candidates for your role, using a range of assessment tools and techniques. I have access to a wider pool of potential sales candidates, including those not actively seeking new opportunities.

Director Recruitment

As a specialist I can save you time, money, and resources, managing the recruitment process for you from start to finish, ensuring that only the best candidates are presented for consideration.

Using my expert sales recruitment services can lead to a more successful and efficient hiring process, with long-lasting benefits for your business.

Your company is unique, and so should your hiring process.

The right salesperson can transform your business, but the wrong one might be a huge drain on your resources. And even if you do manage to hire someone who's great at their job, they might not stay around for long if they're not a good fit for the culture at your company.

That's why it's so important to work with a specialist sales recruitment consultant who understands how to find people who will thrive in your environment—and who can help you decide whether or not a candidate is worth bringing in for an interview.

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Currently Recruiting For:

Sales Director - IT / Software Sector

Birmingham - £70k pa + car + pension + laptop


3 x Area Sales Manager - Healthcare

Manchester / Midlands / London - £45 plus pa + car + expenses


Commercial Director - Manufacturing 

France - POA


Sales Engineer - Contruction / Plant 

50k pa + bonus structure and benefits


Director - Global Sales Development

£90k -110 pa + car allowance + contribution pension


Business Management Consultant

Kieran Perry is a trusted business advisor and sales coach, offering business coaching, sales training, executive mentoring, and management consultancy to clients across the UK and Europe.

He has a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their goals. Kieran shares his insights and strategies for success through his blog and offers sales training courses to improve sales skills and techniques.

For those seeking business advisors, Kieran Perry is an excellent choice with online coaching and training sessions available. Follow him on Instagram to learn more about his services.

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His services include independent business advice, business coaching, sales training, executive mentoring and management consultancy to business owners, directors, start-ups and individuals across the UK and online. To read more on his business advice view his Blog for more business strategies, or see his Reviews . Follow Kieran on Instagram.