Sales Fix Formula

As I have witnessed the business environment shift in the face of continual change, I came to recognise that the use of inventive problem solving techniques is increasingly important to maintain the growth of any business.

It became very apparent to me that it was how the problems were perceived, pursued and solved which made all the difference…

In business in today’s world, it is increasingly important to approach problem solving when selling with a creative mind and it is that, that will set you apart from the rest. Companies risk losing business growth if they allow sales people to treat clients poorly , and ignore the needs of all parties when reaching problem solving solutions, all businesses have problems however it is the speed and reaction to problems that will determine your success.


Identify the Problem
Work out quickly what you think the issue is and the likely impact of the situation is going to be, and how it is going to effect you and the customer.

Distinguish the Real Causes of the Problem. 
Many issues that affect sales or business management can actually be part of a bigger problem that has yet to be resolved and so will need addressing

Define the Problem.
By communicating efficiently with staff or customers, and asking the right questions, you can drill down to the reasons behind the problem and understand the each other expectations.

Qualify The Problem.
Make the decision on where the responsibility for the problem lies and take appropriate action.


Quantify The Problem.
Examine the extend of the situation and the size of impact that it will have on the business, and be realistic when doing this rather than ignoring the situation or hoping it is not as bad as you know it is – facing into the situation directly will lead to a much faster and satisfactory outcome for you and the customer.

Examine The Problem.
Identify the source of the problem, and if necessary make the appropriate decision makers aware, so that the same situation can be avoid another time, it’s not about placing blame, instead improving your companies overall performance.

Report the Findings.
Findings should be reported to senior management so that the cause of the problem can be remedied and a record made in order to avoid its recurrence, you don’t want to have to find yourself in the same situation again, as this will not be positive for you or your company’s reputation.

Make Effective Decisions.
To enable the success of the problem solving process – it does require the implementation of effective decision making, without this, it completely undermines the problem solving process. Set a clear time scale and Objectives.

Reach A Satisfactory Conclusion.
The key is to provide ideas on a series of potential solutions that can then all be considered. Then the feasibility of each in regard to time, cost, ease of use, satisfaction and any other important criteria can be studied and evaluated, and then the solutions that best meet the needs of both parties can be implemented.

Lessons Learnt.
It is extremely important to assimilate the lessons learned from the problem that occurred, and to refer back to those lessons when a similar problem arises. It is always good business practice to review once or twice a year the critical decisions that were made to address problems within the sales process or staff management and what if any was the impact or ramifications of those decisions, and do any further actions need to be taken to improve the process in the future.


Speed is a very important factor in reducing the impact of a problem . Speed is indispensable to problem solving.



By consistently taking a systematic approach to problem solving sales issues (this includes staff management and training), it greatly limits any further negative impact on the customer or business, and thus enables the customer to place repeat business with confidence knowing that should issues arise, as they no doubt will, they will be dealt with appropriately , and from a customer focused point of view.

It is important for individuals to understand that effective problem solving often consumes more time than most people are willing to invest. Rather than go about it properly, many just want to react and deal with the problem quickly. However, the time invested to thoroughly investigate and solve a problem more often than not produces a more successful solution—and happier salespeople, office based staff and customers.

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