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My name is Kieran Perry and I specialise in business development and helping senior executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs to improve their personal and business performance. Below are a range of management mentoring, leadership coaching and executive coaching techniques and development topics I offer in my bespoke mentoring and business coaching services.

Leadership Management And Development Plan

Long term success depends on your team's efficiency, dedication, and motivation, and this must be cultivated and nurtured. Having a supportive manager, director or boss leads to better performance and better results.

Personal Development

  • Methods to highlight the Manager and teams’ successes, to motivate further positive building of manager/staff communications and relationships.
  • Ways to address any key areas of support that the Manager might need.
  • KPI's in Priority Management.
  • Setting Professional development goals.
  • Leadership training and advice.

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Staff Development

Staff Relationship Building & Communication

  • New ways in which the Manager can get more involved with the team and provide more support.
  • Strategies for improvements that can be made to increase a positive work environment. Team building methods.
  • Demonstration of the importance and value of 1 on 1 meetings with staff, and how to successfully conduct powerful, positive and constructive 1 on 1’s.
  • Illustrate new ways to be an effective listener – Curiosity.
  • How to create Buy-In from team members.
  • Ways to increase combined productivity of the team.
  • Ways to coach team members to move forward and make progress.
  • Conducting impactful site visits with key staff.
  • Future career goal setting.


Customer Development

Client Relationship Building & Communication

  • The value of a customer visit.
  • Gathering the bigger picture of what is working, and what is not.
  • How to transforms a transactional relationship into a partnership.
  • Actioning and communicating learnings and findings positively.
  • Insights to gain from Customer / Sales Field Visits.


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Kieran Perry Business Coach and Mentor

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