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Hello, my name is Kieran Perry  ….

I have been responsible for many senior sales and management roles in my career including developing a £60 million pound sales turnover, and successfully mentoring and coaching  large UK sales teams, and it is this experience, as well as my 25 years of working in all manner of sales roles, from sales rep, area sales manager, field sales manager, to head of sales, that has enabled me to create a formula to sales that never fails.

I’m often asked what is my ‘background’ , and how does it qualify me to do what I do – and also how do I help my clients achieve the results they want, so here is my story……

First I learnt how people buy….

After qualifying in a Business Management course, at 18 I joined the family business.

My father had worked very hard to build up a reputable consumer electronics business with a turnover of £10 million, and I was inspired and proud of what he had achieved. Soon I was attending buying meetings at Argos, John Lewis, Macro, Tesco and the Co-Op, so I learnt very quickly what was required by a buyer, and how to successfully sell vast quantities of consumer goods.

That wasn’t actually where I cut my teeth selling though , it was at the age of 15 walking the streets, knocking on doors , selling double glazing , that I experienced the first buzz of closing a sale, I mastered my craft very quickly and soon began walking away with over £1000 a week and that was over 25 years ago.

Then I learnt the very harsh lesson of how important sales really are…..

I took the training I’d learnt from my father's business and moved up the sales ladder, into print management, then to work for Edinburgh Crystal, and then on to area sales manager for a highly successful retail brand Emma Bridgewater – and it was at this time I witnessed my father’s business go into liquidation.

One of the main reason's the company failed was because he didn’t have a strong enough sales team in place - I wish I knew then what I do now, as it could have been avoided. Through my family's own personal loss , I learnt the very harsh lesson that without sales, a strong and motivated sales team or a carefully structured sales strategy, you will always be at great risk of failure. This experience has made me strive to be the best when it came to selling.

Following that I spent 20 years climbing the ladder and perfecting my skills, but not without its struggles…….

I have been head hunted throughout my career due to my track record in selling, sales management, and my people relationship skills, which has led me into selling in many different industries and many types of products including, FMCG, silver, ceramics, glass, homewares, jewellery, industrial products, and in every role I learnt to overcome each unique set of sales problems ensuring there was always sales growth, it has been really tough at times though, the constant ongoing level of expectation did nearly make me what to give up....

Finally I discovered how a problem solving formula I created could dramatically increase my sales…..

When I joined a large German manufacturer and world leader in its field, managing a sales turnover of £60 million, I discovered that managing  sales at that level was not actually about selling, but in fact instead about problem solving, and so....

This is where my “Sales Fix” formula began …..

As I witnessed the business environment shift in the face of continual change, I recognised that when selling, the use of inventive problem solving techniques is increasingly important in maintaining the growth and of any business. It became very apparent to me that it is how problems are perceived, pursued, and solved that makes all the difference,  and so here began the research, design and development of my problem solving “Sales Fix” formula. 

And so I began teaching others…..

Since its development more and more people began asking to be trained in the use of my simple “Sales Fix” formula which led to me creating my “Selling … The Answers” unique sales training programme.

That is my story so far…..

I now enjoy helping others achieve fantastic sales results, whether it is a traditional family owned business that needs sales training, or a brand new online start up business that needs one to one sales coaching, I am driven to helping companies and sales people reach their goals.

My 25 years of learning and understanding what a top professional buyer needs, combined with my vast breadth of sales knowledge in many diverse sectors and roles, now enables me to provide clients with my unique “Sales Fix” formula – which equips them with a simple formula that allows their sales to perform beyond expectation.  

What are my outside interests?

I enjoy travelling with my family, and I also swim regularly, and enjoy working on my own online service business.


Please get in touch and let me know how I can help you ……

Mobile:  07912 846492  Office:  01477 652 115, or use the contact form below. I look forward to helping you and your team reach their sales goals!

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Mike Williams - Director of Luxury Food Brand
"I spoke in detail with Kieran about my company's requirements and he designed a 2 day sales training event in my office. I found Kieran to be extremely likeable and I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of sales, including wholesale and retail sales. Kieran provided literature to refer to and other documentation that will allow us to have to confidence to sell in the correct manner, using his "Sales Fix" formula. I would recommend Kieran to any company."