Business Mindfulness

Business mindfulness training has become increasingly popular among business leaders, as a way to improve employee wellbeing, productivity and reduce stress.

If you are interested in starting mindfulness programs within your own organization, then look no further than Kieran Perry. As an experienced mindfulness and business coach based in Cheshire, Perry has worked with businesses and professionals across the UK, providing practical and trusted business consultancy.

Business Mindfulness Training At Work

As an external and trusted resource, Perry offers expert insights and guidance to help you develop and improve all parts of your business. Perry can advise on improving leadership skills, enhancing employee engagement and productivity, and creating a positive and productive work culture.

For more information on my business consultancy services, visit my main website or call me directly at 07912 846 492. I also offer a range of self-help and business guides, providing additional resources for those looking to enhance their business acumen. By incorporating mindfulness training into your business, you can improve employee morale and mental wellbeing, while also boosting productivity and profits. Take the first step towards a more mindful workplace and contact Kieran Perry today.

Business Advisor For Leaders

For business leaders who are interested in starting mindfulness programs in their own organizations. Please email for more information


Experienced Mindfulness Coach

My name is Kieran Perry, and I am an experienced mindfulness and business coach based in Cheshire and work with businesses and professionals across the UK. I provide trusted and practical business consultancy. I offer you my expert insights and guidance as a external trusted resource, and can help you develop and advise on improvements across all parts of your business.

Call me on - 07912 846 492

Or for more information on self help and business guides please visit my page below and read more about my services.

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Business Coaching And Mentoring Coach

Being a professional business advisor and sales expert too, I also provide business coaching and sales training to individuals and companies across the UK and Europe.


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My services include independent business advice, business coaching, sales training, Leadership and Executive Coaching and management consultancy. Please read more about my business advice on my Blog or view my Pricing, or Reviews or follow me on Instagram.

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