Business Adviser And Mentor

My services include bespoke business coaching, mentoring, and sales training. I create tailored solutions for small, medium and large businesses. I work with business owners, directors and individuals across the UK, providing structured and practical business advice and sales help, in person, and over the phone. Call me on - 07912 846 492

"My name is Kieran Perry and I help my clients to think differently, identify and tackle barriers, and focus on the right strategies, direction and leadership to grow sales, increase profits, and achieve growth."



I offer a free 20 minute confidential telephone consultation - So please call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help you today or visit my main website here

If you are looking for help from a dynamic, highly-experienced business consultant with knowledge of a wide range of business models and frameworks, and with the ability to interpret what’s best for your business – please contact me today.

I work with small, medium and large businesses including individuals, sharing my expert business advice and sales knowledge, together with my proven solutions to help you grow your business profitably, and in the right direction.

High Level Business Coaching and Support

Business Adviser & Mentor

As a experienced business adviser and business mentor, I can identify areas of your business that require extra focus, and work with you to help you get started, or improve and develop your existing business - increasing your profits, sales and structure.

I don’t just make suggestions, but instead I help implement new ideas and changes that transform businesses. I can pin point issues, summarise what you should be doing- and provide you with a shortcut of how to succeed and increase sales.

I specialise in helping SME's understand the implications of their financial accounts ensuring, the right business and sales decisions are made for future growth.

Benefits of using a business adviser

You will benefit from tremendous business knowledge, vision and experience – which I directly tailor to your organisation. I use the same blueprints and diagnostic tools as the major management and consultancy practices, and have an extensive knowledge base to support this.

  • Do you need a business consultant to talk over your business, finance, or growth plans?
  • I provide expert, independent services – bringing leadership, vision & focus.
  • I totally focus on making your business more successful.
  • I have a friendly, professional partnered approach – building strong relationships with ALL my clients.

Ring or Text me directly on 07912 846 492 or visit my Home Page Here

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As a Business Adviser I provide - Business Consultancy | Sales Help | Business Advice | Specialist Family Business Guidance | Growth Strategies | Business Consultant | Sales Training | Business Mentoring | Expert Opinion | Business Coaching | and More.