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My name is Kieran Perry, and I am an independent business adviser based in Cheshire and work with businesses and professionals across the UK. I provide trusted and practical business and sales advice - helping to grow your business profitably, and coaching you in the right direction.
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My one-to-one coaching provides business leaders like you with the opportunity to explore and resolve a wide range of challenges, develop business plans and work on your sales growth.

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Call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help you.

I offer you my expert insights and guidance as a external trusted resource, and can help you develop and advise on improvements across all parts of your business, working to increase your sales and profits.

Business Advice

As a business advisor I don’t just make suggestions, but offer business advice that can help make key changes that can improve your business. I can pin point issues, summarise what you should be doing - and provide you with a shortcut of how to get there together. 

I offer a Free initial 20 minute telephone consultation - so I can get an understanding of what it is you want to develop and how I can help you achieve it.

I give fixed prices, based on hourly or daily rates - so the price I quote is the price you pay for your business mentoring, sales coaching, or leadership development needs.

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Kieran's business advice was excellent and very considered and relevant to my industry and business. I would be happy to recommend him to any business or private professional needing some business advice and guidance.

After working over several months with Alex, the owner of a market leading family bakery business, on a number of sales and customer development projects, the company has gone from strength to strength.

By taking on board my advice and adopting my unique sales and marketing strategies to increase customer activities, their turnover is now on target to double this year.

Alex asked me to help him on one project originally “to get his products into more major stores”, after successfully achieving this goal for him, he then had the finances and confidence to increase production and look to buy a competitors business – having the busiest and most profit quarter since the business began.

I mentored and coached the Managing Director over 18 months together with his management team to improve company structure, and team reporting.

I developed a new successful customer strategy for the business, including visiting and presenting to distributors and customers across Europe.

Implemented new marketing and website improvements, and advised on employing new key members of staff in multiple departments.

As a result of my consultancy services this company has successfully improved their monthly profit, streamlined their overheads and grown sales to new sectors.