Business Advice From Top Entrepreneur Coach - Kieran Perry UK

Business Advice From Top Entrepreneur Coach - Kieran Perry UK

11 Dec 2022

What an executive should know about remembering names and faces. 

Article By Kieran Perry - Business Coach UK


How to Remember Names

Most of us find we have more difficulty with names than with faces, and the reasons are easy to understand. If we meet Joe Smith for the first time, we see his face but we hear his name, and we know that the impressions we receive through our eyes last longer than those we receive through our ears.

That is the principal reason a face remains longer in our memory than a name. However, there is another explanation, equally easy to understand. Let's assume you meet Joe Smith for the first time, and have a five-minute conversation with him. During the five minutes you are talking with him, you are looking continuously at his face.

Therefore, the impression of his face is constantly repeated and sinks deeper and deeper into your memory. But Joe Smith's name was mentioned to you only once, when he was introduced. You have had a constant repetition of the face, but no repetition of the name at all another good reason Joe Smith's face remains much longer in your memory than his name.


Fortunately I can again give you six steps for strengthening the impression a newcomer's name makes upon your memory:


  1. Get the name clearly.


  1. Repeat the name immediately after the introduction.


  1. See whether or not the name has a meaning in itself.


  1. If it has no meaning, find an appropriate substitute or nickname.


  1. Repeat the name several times.


  1. Write the name down.


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