Lost Connections - Johann Hari

Lost Connections - Johann Hari

10 Nov 2022

The International Bestseller Lost Connections

This week book review is a radically new way of thinking about depression and anxiety, this new book from author Johann Hari explains depression and anxiety are now at epidemic levels. He answers the question Why? and What! to do simply.

Why You're Depressed And How To Find Hope

Lost Connections offers a radical new way of thinking about this crisis. It shows that once we understand the real causes, we can turn to pioneering new solutions - ones that offer real hope, now available on Amazon

'A book that could actually make us happy' - 

'This amazing book will change your life' - ELTON JOHN

'The more people read this book, the better off the world will be' - NAOMI KLEIN


'Eye-opening' - GUARDIAN

'Brilliant for anyone wanting a better understanding of mental health' - ZOE BALL

Lost Connections

Depression and anxiety are now at epidemic levels. Why? Across the world, scientists have uncovered evidence for nine different causes. Some are in our biology, but most are in the way we are living today.

Lost Connections offers a radical new way of thinking about this crisis. It shows that once we understand the real causes, we can begin to turn to pioneering new solutions - ones that offer real hope.


AWESOME. When people are told depression is purely biological it gives them very little hope. This book offers practical solutions to the underlying causes of depression instead of just relying on a pill.

The descriptions of the lost connections (lack of meaningful work, lack of strong social bonds, etc.) that are said to cause depression in many people. Obviously, it's not going to be true for everyone, but I would think if you scored high on all the realms of connection it would be unlikely to be depressed for long.

New York Times Best Selling Author

Johan Hari's has written a really interesting book here. For many who have suffered from depression or know people who do, these pages are extremely relevant. Johan Hari himself has battled "the black dog" since his late teens and so this book was very personal to him. Hari's basic argument is that the most effective way to treat depression, and its close friend anxiety, is not with the prescriptions of never-ending doses of anti-depressants, but by addressing the underlying causes of the condition.

Hari identifies what he believes to be those causes and then makes recommendations and suggestions as to how one can practically alleviate depression via lifestyle changes.

In the course of researching the subject of depression and anxiety Hari has travelled many thousands of miles. From the USA and Canada to Europe and East Asia, Hari traversed the globe talking to various people, some highly qualified, in his quest for answers and ideas. Some of his conclusions will surprise you.

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