How To Find The Best Sales Recruitment Specialist Consultant In The UK

How To Find The Best Sales Recruitment Specialist Consultant In The UK

06 Sep 2022

Sales Recruitment Specialist

Article by Kieran Perry - Management Consultant

With all important things in business using a trusted or recommended external consultants can be a really useful tool in any directors or HR managers tool kit.

Finding a specialist sales recruitment consultant or agency can be very easy by searching online but finding a good match for your recruitment needs can be a little more challenging. Start by asking a range of general questions to understand the sales recruitment consultant experience and the services they offer - each recruitment agency or consultant will have different packages, costs and different ways of doing their job for you.

Make sure you ask the following questions

1. how long have you worked in this industry

2. what makes your services different to other sales and management recruitment companies

3. do you offer a fixed recruitment fee

4. how long does the process take

5. do you help with interviewing senior candidates 

6. do you have any experience of employing sales directors

7. how do you shortlist your recommendations

8. have you done a sales job before to know which people are good and bad

9. how many candidates can you find for me

10. can you come to my offices to help me interview


There are lots more questions to ask, but the above main 10 topics will give you a good feel for what a recommended sales recruitment specialist can offer you. 

They should ask you lots of questions too about your needs and what you are wanting with this new person and the role they need to do and what you will offer as a salary and package.

The sales recruitment specialist can advise you on salary levels, job spec, KPI's for the role you are wanting to recruit for.

Many sales recruitment experts work in multi sectors including - IT / Telecom, Manufacturing, Food and Service Industries and some only work in very niche market sectors so it worth asking your recruitment consultant or agency how they recruit and shortlist candidates and can they offer you a bespoke service to ensure your job role is filled with the best match for your business.

If you need a recommended sales recruitment specialist or consultant to help you with you next recruitment role to find, pre interview, shortlist, and recommend, then contact Kieran Perry for a free quote and discussion at or visit his website Sales Recruitment Specialist UK


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