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Leadership Coach Near Me

01 Jul 2022

What Every Business Leader Should Know About Innovation In anagement.

By Kieran Perry

What Is Business Operation Survival

Not only is innovation the basic function of business and leadership training london, it is essential to every company's, every organization's survival. It follows that in any organization the manager can never be the sole source of innovation, no matter how great his genius. How, then, can he draw from his colleagues the wealth of their creative thinking except by stimulating the spirit of in novation among them?

We know painfully little about the process of innovation. We occasionally mine and refine previous innovation, but we often bungle the job of creating new sources or even conserving those available to us. The answers seem to have escaped even the greatest of our enterprises.

I don't mean to give the impression that only a few companies are really innovating. From what I see and read, many are. 

Nor do I want to give the impression that there are only a handful of people are innovating. From what I see and hear, there is no shortage of ideas, big and little, in all our organizations. But no one who has seen the way big ideas shrink into old familiar forms as they pass through established channels can be satisfied that our organizations are innovating as much as they can or should.

Not only is the search for innovation a significant one today; it is also urgent for green Technologies, Climate Change and CleanTech.


How To Build A Successful Business

These people monopolize the power of decision. They coordinate, they direct, they do what little innovating they have time for they work hard. In fact, their work becomes so consuming that they have little time for anything but their day-to-day

But the human whose eyes are focused only on today is not planning for the future. The long-term perspective is missing, or woefully inadequate.

With this clustering of power comes the building of empires. Little cliques of "yes people" spring up. Innovation takes only the direction the leaders want it to take. And in the struggles for prerogatives and status, the creative thoughts of people all along the line are stifled.

More particularly-and, unhappily. often too the objectives of the company. its purposes, are subordinated to the aims and goals of its most aggressive and colourful personalities. The real business of the company, as a whole, is either poorly de fined or forgotten. Each division or functional unit develops its own narrow aim and perspective. Decisions, unfortunately, are made in terms of their parochial in tersest.

Moreover, in such an unhealthy environment, fear and anxiety all too frequently foul the atmosphere. Caught in the pull and-tug of the top leaders, many people are never certain where they stand.


Barriers To Innovation In Business Leadership

Essential in any large enterprise, I for one believe the balance between individuality and conformity has swung too far away from individuality, Creative thinking has suffered or disappeared altogether, and we are all the poorer for its loss.

The barriers, therefore, to innovation and creativity lie in these areas:

  • Within our society
  • Within the organization itself
  • Within the individual


If we are to liberate our creative THINKING, we must eliminate these inhibitors, substituting a climate that facilitates innovation and growth, Let's look at what can be done, first for the individual.

For one thing, we can provide an atmosphere in which the individual's sensitivity can flourish rather than wither away. Creativity or innovation comes from awareness of a need or a problem. The problem or need may exist within the individual himself, or it may be present in the organization, or in the public it serves, To solve it requires an openness of mind a capacity for being receptive to new ideas.

We must also enlarge our knowledge about what's going on around us and encourage and help them to learn more about their own field.


We can give them the opportunity to develop and improve the techniques and skills of their work. The Key to success – is to improve and continuously learn and develop.

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