The importance of a business coach for a new business startup – Kieran Perry

The importance of a business coach for a new business startup – Kieran Perry

03 Feb 2022

Importance Of A Good Business Coach

Article by Kieran Perry

Every new business startup is different and has its own unique set of opportunities and challenges. You may have the necessary technical expertise, but setting up a startup requires in-depth knowledge and experience in other areas such as business management and marketing. This is where a startup business coach comes in. They have the knowledge and skill needed to get your new business start-up off the ground based on your specific objectives.

It is not uncommon for aspiring entrepreneurs to lose sight of goals while setting up their company. A good start-up business coach will objectively and with a fresh perspective get a good understanding of your vision. Given your needs, goals, preferences and values ​​of the startup, they can help you identify the best way forward.

The Benefits Of Working With The Business Coach

  • Personalized advice and support: A startup coach first seeks to understand your unique vision and goals. An effective business plan is then tailor-made for your startup. This ensures a customized strategy that is easier to implement.
  • Specific expertise: Different startup coaches have different styles and specific areas of expertise. Working with a startup coach knowledgeable in business, marketing and sales gives you the best chances of achieving maximum growth and success.
  • A wealth of experience: One of the great advantages of engaging a startup coach is the perspective and advice that is offered, based on many years of experience working with startups in many different sectors. This ensures you get valuable insights and versatile solutions.
  • Asks the difficult questions: A startup mentor is there to provide support and exchange ideas, as well as ask the difficult questions, to expose plans or intentions that could harm the startup or cause it to go off course.
  • Holds you accountable: A good startup coach maintains accountability and will not let you get away with excuses. They will hold you to a high standard to ensure you get things done.

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Kieran Perry is a trusted business advisor and sales coach working in London, offering business coaching, sales training, executive mentoring, and management consultancy to clients across the UK and Ireland.

He has a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their goals. Kieran shares his insights and strategies for success through his blog and offers sales training courses to improve sales skills and techniques.

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