Top Sales Training And Cold Calling Lessons in 2022

Top Sales Training And Cold Calling Lessons in 2022

07 Jan 2022

Telesales Training Is Essential To Selling Online

Article Written By Kieran Perry - Business Coach

A famous professor at Harvard Business School once asked his students to name the number one reason why businesses do not succeed. He got all kinds of answers, ranging from bad management and bad programs to bad products, poor concepts and lack of capital. After reading all their answers he stood before his class and told them that the number one reason businesses fail is..."lack of sales."

That's it. It's lack of real sales-the work you and I do on the front lines. And if I can't get in the door to see people, I'm not going to sell.

In sales, nothing can happen unless you're able to get that first appointment. No matter how well you sell, if you can't get in the door, if you cannot get an appointment to see somebody, or book a zoom call you're not going to sell.


How To Become A Successful Salesperson In Your Industry have to develop a solid base of prospects.


Know Your Business Numbers

How many appointments do you need to get your prospects? How many dials on the phone or emails does it take to get those appointments? If you don't know those numbers, how can you know whether your sales approach is working?

In many cases it can be  - one appointment a day, or five new appointments a week. In order to do that, you have to call 15 people each day. Fifteen times five gives me 65. Over five days, you dial / email 65 people, to generate five new appointments, which ultimately gives one sale every single week. And that's the objective. That ties into the question mentioned before. If you don't know the numbers you need to reach your goal, you're probably not going to get there.


Winning the Numbers Game

I talk to many salespeople who actually do know how many people they saw over the past week, but then I say, "What are you going to do differently now?" And they don't know.

If you don't know what you're going to do differently, then you're in trouble. Remember-the best salespeople know how to work their numbers.


The Best Way To Get A Person's Attention Is

Most salespeople think they have to say something unique or provocative to grab a prospect's attention. Such as, "If I could show you a way in which you could ...." Actually, that approach builds mistrust and makes your job harder. The easiest , simplest way of opening up and getting the prospect's attention is by saying his or her name. Call up and say, "Good morning, Mr. Perry."

It's that simple. It's so simple it's almost scary. Think about it. When you were growing up, your parents. called you by your name. You responded to that. If you hear your name yelled out in the middle of a crowded room, you respond. So the first way we get someone's attention is by saying, "Good morning, Mr. Perry."


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