How To Improve Leadership And Management Of Your Administration Team

How To Improve Leadership And Management Of Your Administration Team

20 Dec 2021

What An Executive Should Know About The Art Of Administration

Mission of Administration

The mission of administration is obviously to accomplish the purposes of the enterprise.  Its sole purpose is to secure the ends of the enterprise through influencing the behaviour of all concerned in achieving those ends.

The sorts of behaviour that administration may seek are dictated by the ends the enterprise is intended to serve. Administration is a process and, like all processes, it works within a set of dimensions. The weight exercised by each dimension varies with the ends sought by the particular enterprise.

At least four such dimensions of administration can be identified. One is the efficiency dimension, best defined as performance-oriented. It is based on the concept that the purpose of the organization is to produce the best possible product or service at the least possible cost.

This one must be tempered by the second, which can be classified as the human dimension. It is personnel oriented and is based on the concept. that the purpose of the organization is to provide the greatest possible benefits to the members of the organization. This is the dimension to which unions attach almost complete attention.

Both of these dimensions must in turn be compromised with the public dimension. This dimension is community oriented and represents the concept that the welfare of the public is para mount. Our public-regulated enter prises, such as the utilities, are examples of enterprises where this dimension has been highly emphasized.

Article by Kieran Perry Cheshire based Business Advisor and finally, there is the institutional dimension which is concerned with strengthening and enlarging the enter prise itself. There is a sharp difference. between the goals of the enterprise and the goal of maintaining and perpetuating the enterprise. This is best illustrated in the non-profit and non-competitive enterprises that fight to survive long after the purposes for which they were established have been fulfilled.


Four Functions of Administration

In the long run, no enterprise can be effectively administered unless the major functions of administration are carefully watched and adequately per formed. There are four such functions that are unique to the administrative process and are both the prerogatives and responsibilities of the administration.

1. The first of these functions is representation. This means giving the enterprise a voice so as to make it articulate. Somebody must speak for the enterprise since it cannot speak for itself. The administration may employ a mouthpiece, as they say in Hollywood, but the administration must remain ultimately responsible for representing the enterprise internally and externally.

2. The second function is that of direction. This is the function of choice of decision-making. Administration is continuously confronted with alternatives, and it is the choice between these alter natives that permits it to impose its ideas and thinking upon the enterprise. The fact that decisions are made in the face of incomplete and inadequate data. makes it necessary that the administration have a philosophy to bridge the gap of incomplete information.

3. The third function is that of organization. This is the function of arrangement. It is a matter of establishing relationships and of deploying the resources of the enterprise-both human and material. This function permits the administration to departmentalize the operations, to set up the organizational hierarchy, and to establish the lines of communication within the enterprise.

4. The fourth function is one of evaluation. This can be described as the judicial function. It is a matter of assessing and reviewing performance at all levels of the organization. Unless this function is fully accepted by administration, it cannot know where the enterprise is going, or even where it has been. It is undoubtedly the most difficult function of administration because it is the least exciting.


It is difficult also because it requires that administration pass judgment on its own accomplishments and performance. To pass judgment on its own work, administration needs to keep in mind what it is supposed to be doing. It must understand that it is a process, a means, and that it has as its task the securing of appropriate behaviour in behalf of the goals of the enterprise.

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