The Great CleanTech And Green Technology Startup Boom Is Coming

The Great CleanTech And Green Technology Startup Boom Is Coming

01 Jul 2021

Advice For Green Tech Start Ups Companies

- get your new business started in the right direction.

by Kieran Perry

Everywhere I look a new small business is starting up. Empty shops up and down the UK High Streets have signs letting the public know what is coming soon. Every county in the UK are reporting a growth in new businesses starting. Entrepreneurs are excited to take advantage of a newly energized customer base with pent-up desire to spend, new hobbies to fund and new ideas service.

If you’re hoping to ride this new wave of small business opportunities but aren’t sure what your new business should be, I’ve got some great ideas for you! as a business advisor. Here is a breakdown of more than 6 business ideas you could start this year and let me know if you need some help you get started.  The pandemic is winding down we all hope, but these popular business ideas aren’t going anywhere. That’s because consumer behaviour has changed and it’s not returning to the old way of doing things. Here are my pandemic inspired business ideas to consider if you want to start your own business.


CleanTech and New Green Technologies Consultant Startup Ideas:

Governments across the globe are starting to wake up to the idea of climate change and sustainable and renewable energy requirements like Oil and gas on earth is set to run out in the next 50 years so new technologies and clever renewable energy sources will be required with a mass customer base. If you can invent, develop or help market green products and technologies this sector has a growth prediction of 26% per annum with a multibillion spend by consumers across the world. Renewable energy sources can't be depleted and therefore offer a better future for the planet and all live on it.

Passive Income Business Ideas:

While there is a lot of appeal in making money virtually while you sleep, passive income isn’t a means to “get rich quick.” As any passive income earner will tell you, it's a long term proposition that requires a great deal of upfront planning and effort as well as updates and enhancements along the way.

Home-Based Business Ideas:

If you’ve gotten used to working from home during the pandemic and are less than thrilled about returning to the office, maybe a home-based business is for you. There are lots to consider and the best part is that you can start one with low or no overhead costs.

Beauty Business Ideas: Beauty is a  £100 billion industry and offers a lot of opportunity for small startups and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. From makeup artist to small-batch manufacturers, there are a lot of directions you can go.

Service Business Ideas: The growing market for on-demand services has been increasing by a change in consumer demands during the covid19 pandemic. Customers are more likely than ever to expect on-demand, high quality service in a variety of industries. Your service-based business will need to meet your customers demands.

Social Media Business Ideas: Starting an online business is easier than ever before. In fact, many budding entrepreneurs use social media platforms like Instagram to start and run their businesses. It’s free to create an account and post content, and when used correctly, it can be one of best sales drivers of your business.

Food Business Ideas: Do you love to cook, eat or create new recipes? Then maybe a food business is for you. There are many ways to get started in the food business, depending on your interests and your startup budget have a look at for profitable food business ideas.

My business advice is based on my extensive knowledge, experience and vision. I tailor my advisory services to your business and it's needs. I can highlight issues, or opportunities and summarise what action you should take - and provide you with clear direction. I can help you create a positive change in your business. Click Here to read more about business coaching.

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