Recommended Sales Trainers For Privately Owned Small Business

Recommended Sales Trainers For Privately Owned Small Business

12 May 2021

Recommended Sales Trainer

My name is Kieran Perry, I am a sales expert, and sales trainer offering sales training, sales coaching and sales mentoring to business owners, directors and individuals across the UK.

I provide one2one, group and telephone sales training for clients and professionals across the UK. As a sales expert I help, coach, train and inspire individuals and businesses to understand the formula of sales and selling. I train to improve and focus your sales ability and help you maximise your sales skills to sell more and close those deals.

My Sales help and training delivers relevant, practical content, helping to re-ignite passion and purpose among sales and management teams and individuals - whilst boosting team enthusiasm and energy and motivation. My sales training will equip the audience with new sales skills, and leave sales professionals energised wanting to put their newly acquired sales skills into practice.

My sales training programmes and workshops can also be specifically tailored to your company’s or individual's needs, providing sales focused key messages, combined with useful tips and easy to use sales tools to take away. 


I offer a FREE 20 minute confidential telephone consultation - So please call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help you or your business.

or contact me direct via my website HERE

How many minutes research to learn new facts?

Research has found learning in short bursts in the afternoon is the most effective. Even if you’re a morning person.  

Learners retain approximately: 90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately

75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned

50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.

50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.


How learning something new can help

Learning Makes You More Interesting to Others: You’ll always have something to talk about at parties.

Can Relate to More People: The more you know, the more likely you are to find something in common with others.  Empathy also helps bridge gaps in communication.

Builds Self-Esteem: Practice makes perfect, and when we see ourselves mastering new knowledge and skills, we build self-efficacy.   Self-efficacy is our own faith that we can succeed at a given task, which closely overlaps with self-esteem and confidence.

You’ll Make More Friends: Because of the benefits of learning listed above, you’ll find it easier to meet people and make friends. Social interactions are essential for our happiness, so learning really does pay off in the long run!

Sets a Good Example: If you want your kids and loved ones to reap the same benefits of learning, lead by example!

Earn More Money: Depending on what you learn, you might build both technical and soft skills to advance your career.

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