Thinking Of Starting A New Business Startup- Get A Business Mentor To Help You

Thinking Of Starting A New Business Startup- Get A Business Mentor To Help You

11 Feb 2021

How To Start A New Business

If you’re thinking of starting a new business this year, here are five things to think about when you are setting up...

Ask for input: Sometimes, when you have a great business idea, you’re almost afraid to ask for other people’s thoughts on it. It’s a good idea to test market you idea on friends and family but beware no all comments will be positive or constructive – keep in mind its your business and your idea but everyone can do with an independent expert opinion – contact Kieran Perry Business Advisor for his expert guidance and business start up advice.


Laying the groundwork: Deciding what business style and structure is right for your business is a decision that you need to get right early on, so be sure to spend time thinking over all your options.


Get your paperwork in order: There’s no better way for a new business to start than getting their bookkeeping in order from day one. No matter how small your business is in the beginning, it’s much easier to get your accounts set up properly in the beginning than to try to go back and fix things later.


Pick your customer: It’s easy for early-stage start-ups to focus a lot of attention on social media because it’s a cheap way to reach your customers. One mistake brand-new start-ups make, however, is spreading themselves too thin on social media and losing focus on where their target customer lives digitally. With that in mind, be sure you focus your efforts and resources on the platforms and websites that make the most sense for your business. Ensure you have a website to refer back too.


Be Flexible: No matter how good your business plan, you will undoubtedly encounter unforeseen circumstances that will require you to regroup. Be ready to have a backup plan or two and be flexible to consider making changes to your strategy, products or pricing on and off line.


Finally, it’s good to remind yourself of why you decided to start your new business, focus on your strengths, outsource jobs and tasks you are weaker on  and keep in mind the positive reasons you started this venture and these positive thoughts will carry you through tough times and help you succeed – Consider getting a business mentor early on to help guide and save you money – contact Kieran Perry for more start up business advice.

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