50 Ways To Promote Your Startup Or Small Business in 2021

50 Ways To Promote Your Startup Or Small Business in 2021

21 Feb 2021

Tips To Promote Your Small Business

This digital download e-book will give you 50 ways to promote your business to increase sales and gain new customers, plus my marketing tips on how and where to promote your business both online and offline  - what ever industry your business is in and what ever product or service you sell.

Simple and easy marketing help for promoting your business, service or product both on and off line.

The more of my marketing tips you follow, the stronger your business will be and the quicker it will gain new sales and customers. 


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I list and explain each marketing tip to promote your business in this downloadable e-book, in a simple and easy to use guide. Here is a few examples below....


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Testimonials  Who better to promote your business than existing happy customers . Make it part of your daily routine to encourage them to give testimonials you can use on your website and to post nice things on your review sites, such as trip advisor and your Facebook review page.

Offers  Imaginative and compelling offers will encourage new customers to you. Make sure they have high-perceived value to the customer whilst having a low cost to you.

Clothing  Putting your logo on your staff uniform will give out a professional impression and reinforce your brand. If your T-shirts are attractive, they may become “merchandise” that your loyal customers will enjoy wearing too.

Signage  Everywhere you can, use signage to make it easy for customers to find you.

Get on the phone  Put together a call list of useful contacts and prospective clients and reach out. Cold-calling has a bad rep but can be a brilliant tactic for introducing yourself to potential clients and arousing interest in your brand. Try and find the contact details of the person who’s going to be best able to help you, or who’s in a position to make a decision about working with you.

Comment on related blogs  Capitalise on the readers of blogs related to your business by engaging on these sites. Find blogs in your niche, and comment on posts, including your URL if you can. Not only will this build links within the community you’re targeting, but it also serves an SEO purpose. If the website is reputable, Google will pick up the link between the blog and your site and index your content higher in the rankings, by association.

Magazines  Whether it’s a parish mag or a postcode selective magazine – if your target market read it – you should be in it!

Exhibit at trade shows  Attending networking events is one thing but exhibiting at trade shows has even greater value. Not only can you make valuable connections with key players in your field, but you can also target prospective customers. Trade shows are usually industry specific, which means you’re instantly exposed to masses of buyers looking for products like yours. The only downside is that a spot at a popular trade show can be expensive. Do your research first, to figure out how much you’re likely to profit from each one.

Go on air  Local TV and radio stations are always looking for new guests and local features. Talk shows, too, are on constant look-out for innovative content and interesting people to interview. You’ve got nothing to lose – contact as many talk shows and news stations as you can and offer to appear. Include a brief profile about who you are, what your business does and why you’re unique or interesting. The podcast market has also exploded in recent years. There are now thousands of podcasts freely available to huge audiences. Find some popular podcasts in your niche and write to them.

Build credibility  On Trustpilot and Yelp. According to Trustpilot, over 93% of customers read reviews before they buy from an unfamiliar company. Sites like Trustpilot and Yelp collate reviews from consumers on thousands of specific products, websites, and brands.


I am the founder of the “Sales Fix Formula" and an experience sales & business expert, I share my years of experience and knowledge in my unique sales and marketing downloadable e-books.

I explain a clear plan of action  to successfully grow your sales and market your new or existing business.

This digital download is yours to keep on your phone, laptop or computer to refer to when ever you want. This e-book can easily be downloaded and read on all Apple IOS and Android devices, and works on all makes and models of laptops, tablets and computers.

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