What Makes A Good Internal Sales Person For A Small Business

What Makes A Good Internal Sales Person For A Small Business

03 Jan 2021

What makes a good sales person ...

In my experience anybody can be a sale person in theory – but like actors and musicians they need rehearsal after rehearsal to be the best – you must work hard at your chosen path; endless practice is required to make it come naturally.

I have found that being a good sales person takes a lot of learning through doing, and it is sometimes the making of mistakes and rejections that gives you an understanding of how to make your proposition work better next time.

As a successful sales person you need energy , to be motivated, to have confidence, a positive attitude, you need to be a self-starter and disciplined in your work, but most of all you need to have a natural caring attitude to others , this is just as important - even if you are not selling face to face.

Listening, self-awareness, passion, and the drive to keep learning and refining your skills will always help you succeed.

Today’s salespeople have to work harder to build value and gain commitment from customers, and to get ahead a clear focus on training and development on skill gaps they may need to gain in order to be better customer focused.

Like a business a sales professional needs a good business strategy.

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