New Ideas For Marketing Your Business - Small Business Advisor - London

New Ideas For Marketing Your Business - Small Business Advisor - London

29 Jan 2021

Kieran Perry

Business Advisor | Sales Expert | Mentor

Kieran Perry is a Top Business Advisor and Sales Expert, plus now the Author of the new Sales Fix Formula business book, A step-by-step guide to sales and successful selling, for start-ups, modern day entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals.

What Kieran has been asked most from his clients during the last year is... How do I promote my business in lockdown to new clients, to ensure my business survives and grows under these new challenging covid19 times.

His new book now available in paperback and digital format, breaks down the sales process into 10 easy to understand elements, and lists his top 50 ways to promote and market your business in and out of lockdown.

Anyone can increase sales, you just need to have the right formula. Kieran helps you understand how to find new customers, what your new customers think, want, and need. Kieran works Worldwide as a Business Expert and Business Mentor with entrepreneurs, business owners and SME’s across all industry sectors.


Kieran said. “The reader is given a range of clever sales and business insights, strategies and top selling and marketing tips to succeed this year- all in one book.”

"2021 will see many business struggle and close, but with the right strategies, direction and business advice, it could mean there are lots of new opportunities to develop into."

"The key this year to success is keeping your business flexible, positive and streamlined, and totally customer focused, ready for a new idea or opportunity that comes your way."


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Kieran Perry

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