Why Emotional Intelligence Makes You More Successful at Work

Why Emotional Intelligence Makes You More Successful at Work

21 Dec 2020

Why Emotional Intelligence Makes You More Successful at Work

At work, do your "gut feelings" play a role in decision-making? Do you understand what triggers those feelings and regulate them accordingly to steer yourself towards the right decision? Do you consider your colleagues' feelings during this process? If so, you could be described as having emotional intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

EI is defined as having the capacity to be aware of, control and express your emotions. It involves the empathetic handling of relationships to become successful both personally and professionally. EI says that by understanding your own emotions, you can understand and evaluate those of other people. There are 5 main elements to emotional intelligence:

Self-Awareness: understanding yourself and your impact on others (your values, strengths, weaknesses and what drives you).

Self-Regulation: the ability to manage and redirect any disruptive or impulsive emotions. Vital for demonstrating integrity, trustworthiness and your capacity to cope with change.

Motivation: the enjoyment of achievement for its own sake. Having a passion for what you do and the will to improve where needed.

Empathy: having an understanding of other people's emotions. Considering the feelings of others, particularly when faced with making decisions.

Social Skills: building relationships with other people.

Why Emotional Intelligence is So Important for Workplace Success

Understanding and embracing the emotions of others leads to more successful collaborations and a happier, more productive environment. You're able to foster healthy relationships that lead to effective solutions.

How to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

This takes time and practice. Reflect on your emotions and how you manage them. Explore the source of your emotional responses to scenarios such as deadlines, setbacks and pressure. Ask others for their perspective and be willing to take it on board. Above all, remember that emotional intelligence has to start with you in order for you to influence others. As a professional mentor, I can help you develop your emotional intelligence to become more successful in the workplace. Just get in touch to schedule an appointment!

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