The Sales Fix Formula - My New Sales Training And Successful Selling Book

The Sales Fix Formula - My New Sales Training And Successful Selling Book

22 Nov 2020

The Sales Fix Formula - My New Deluxe Paperback Book Version, RRP £19.95. Includes Free UK and Worldwide Shipping.

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My name is Kieran Perry and I am a sales expert and the author of The Sales Fix Formula, a step-by-step practical guide to sales and successful selling, for start-ups, modern day entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals. 

I wrote this book to help more people understand the art of selling, and to explain how to sell more successfully. In this comprehensive guide I clearly breakdown all the steps in the selling process, and share my sales tips and guidance. I also provide you with sales advice and my top sales strategies on how to sell more, how to gain new customers and how to grow your sales and profits fast, what ever the product or service you sell.

Included in this book as a bonus to the reader is my top sales tips, plus my 50 ways to promote a business and links to my free sales audio downloads. 

My Sales Fix Formula paperback book can help you to achieve more sales, manage customers more successfully and grow your business in the right direction. The Sales Fix Formula breaks down the sales process into 10 easy to understand elements. Anyone can sell, you just need to have the right formula. I help you understand what your customers think, want and need.

The Book Chapters and Content:

What is the Sales Fix Formula - Explained?

1.  What makes a good salesperson?
2.  Defining and targeting the right customer
3.  How to create a profitable sales funnel
4.  Understanding what the customer values
5.  Improving your offering
6.  Building trust and integrity
7.  Improving customer contact
8.  Building customer relationships
9.  Pricing and offers
10. Negotiation & making the sale happen

Also included is:

  • 50 ways to promote a business
  • My Top Sales Tips
  • Link to my free sales audio downloads


"The ultimate guide to selling, Kieran's insights and years of sales experience and top tips are excellent - the sales fix formula has all the sales help you will ever need in one place thanks" Mike Newton Tech Start Up.


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