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A Good Sales Strategy - Small Business Advice UK

18 Nov 2020

A Good Key Account Sales Strategy

If you need sales advice or guidance for your business then contact Kieran Perry a UK Sales Expert and let him help you drive your sales to the next level.

If your sales growth goal this year is to gain more key accounts, then you will need to adopt the following acronym, ATAK.


A             Awareness

T              Telesales

A             Appointments

K             Key Accounts


Awareness: The principle behind this is making the clients/candidates aware of who we are. This is done through a number of methods such as mailshots, site visits, and quotations.


Telesales/Canvassing: These calls need to be and should be used first and foremost to gain requirements, information to quote against and the start of build customer relationships.

  • Build relationships
  • Obtain information
  • Arrange meeting/site visits
  • Cross sell

It is also vitally important that these calls are then followed up. The volume of calls is of course dependant on workload but it’s to be expected that specific roles will have an expectation of call numbers per week during busy periods and much more when we are quiet.


Appointments: Appointments are essential. They help further working relationships, help you understand your clients better and separates you from your competitors. There is a distinct difference between a site visit uninvited, and an appointment.


Key Accounts: It is important to gain & develop more Key Accounts. This can be isolated to an individual within a company who ideally would only ring you/Workstream for any requirements. This requires one very important criteria occurring

Regular Contact – We must know everything there is to know about the individual, their requirements, responsibilities,  future projects even their favourite drink and sports team. Anything that will make you stand out above other suppliers giving you the competitive edge


Identifying who is and could be a Key Account is important. Using the following will help:

  • Credit Limit
  • Key Account volume
  • Turnover Volume
  • Compatibility

It may be that some take a bit of time to develop but regular contact would keep the product or service in the forefront of their mind.

For the ATAK strategy style to work it is essential that all your client’s details are in kept in full, accurate and kept up to date.

If you need more sales advice or guidance then contact Kieran Perry a UK Sales Expert and let him help you drive your sales to the next level.