Beware of Zombie Companies | My Top Business Tips for Small Business Advice

Beware of Zombie Companies | My Top Business Tips for Small Business Advice

11 Oct 2020

So-called zombie companies are businesses that function day-to-day, but cannot pay off the full debt they owe or find cash to invest and grow.

Beware they are coming to a city near you !!!

Below are my top 4 business advice tips to help your business stay healthy and ensure you get paid in this current covid19 crisis. 

Key Tip.

A sale is only a sale once you have been fully paid.


Key Tip.

Work closely with your credit control team to keep a close eye on moneys owed and by whom.


Key Tip.

Consider revising your trading or payment terms maybe asking for more deposits or payments upfront.


Key Tip.

Check out if a new customer can pay (credit check) before you do any major projects for them.


How I help as a Small Business Advisor

You will benefit from tremendous business knowledge, vision and experience – which I directly tailor to your organisation. I use the same blueprints and diagnostic tools as the major management and consultancy practices, and have an extensive knowledge base to support this.

  • Do you need a business consultant to talk over your business, finance, or growth plans?
  • I provide expert, independent services – bringing leadership, vision & focus.
  • I totally focus on making your business more successful.
  • I have a friendly, professional partnered approach – building strong relationships with ALL my clients.
  • I have a current customer satisfaction rate of 100%

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Kieran Perry 

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