Business Advice For Small Business Owners

Business Advice For Small Business Owners

01 Sep 2020

Business Advice For Small Business Owners

As an independent business advisor and sales expert, offering business coaching and sales mentoring.

I work with business owners, directors and individuals across the UK, providing tailored practical business advice, strategies and sales help, in person, and over the phone. 

Call me on - 07912 846 492


Top tips for small businesses

Focus only on your primary operations at first.

Focus on cash flow, not profit.

Keep detailed records.

Limit expenses as much as possible.

Consider supply chain efficiency.

Learn from your customers. As you grow your business, listening to feedback from your customer base is crucial.

Prioritize customer support.

Stay focused on your niche.

Deliver an experience your customers won’t forget.

Be time-efficient.

I can identify areas of your business that require focus. I help my clients to think differently, identify and tackle barriers, prioritise tasks and focus on the right strategies, structure, and plan. Providing motivation and leadership to develop sales, increase profits, and achieve growth.


Kieran Perry