This is Why its' So Important to Set Goals

This is Why its' So Important to Set Goals

06 Jul 2020

This Is Why It's So Important To Set Goals

In life, there are people who have no idea what they want, people who know what they want but not how to achieve it, and people with clear goals and a plan for achieving them.

Having goals helps you plan your future in terms of your career, relationships, finances and more. Setting goals is a powerful self-motivator; it gives you a clear indication of what you want to achieve and a way of monitoring your progress.

Why is Goal-Setting Important?

Let's focus on goal-setting in the workplace. It helps boost motivation and commitment to projects; the harder a goal is to achieve, the harder you'll work for it, and the more successful you'll feel once you've hit that target! Your confidence grows, which has a positive effect on future projects.

How to Set Goals

When undertaken correctly, goal-setting is vital to success as it gives you clear direction. If undertaken incorrectly, it can lead to stress, anxiety and unnecessary pressure.

Using the SMART framework can help:

Specific: have a specific goal for a better understanding of how to reach it and a deeper sense of satisfaction when you do.

Measurable: quantify your goals and progress. Goals should be challenging but attainable.

Achievable: if the tasks needed to reach the goal are overwhelming, it negatively impacts your motivation, productivity and morale.

Relevant: why do you want to achieve this goal? The more committed you are, the less likely you are to give up.

Time-Specific: allow a clear and attainable deadline or timescale for achieving the goal.

How to Achieve Goals

You'll need to be skilled in planning, time-management, self-motivation, self-regulation, flexibility, commitment and focus. Reassess your goals and evaluate your progress on a regular basis. Set manageable milestones, especially when working on long-term goals. Believe in your abilities and reward yourself for your successes, but don't beat yourself up over failures; some setbacks are inevitable and part of the process.

Working with a business mentor like me can help you set realistic goals and help you feel optimistic about achieving them.

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