Sales Training For Beginners | Selling Skills Training Programme

Sales Training For Beginners | Selling Skills Training Programme

09 Jul 2020

Online Sales Training

The Sales Fix Formula

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My comprehensive sales training programme download is based on my popular Sales Fix Formula, and is ideal for those professionals and individuals who are either new to sales, need to improve their skills and understanding or had no formal sales training.

My Sales Fix Formula is a unique set of elements devised as a formula that addresses all the problems faced throughout the selling process – my sales training programme can be adapted to any business – and provides individuals, and sales professionals a simple formula and better understand of their customers to increase their sales success.

Sales Confidence Training

In each of the 10 modules below, I clearly explain each key step of the sales process, included in this sales training programme is a range of sales exercises, examples to help you better understand the process and practice, plus my top tips to help you succeed.


My Sales Fix Formula sales training programme delivers relevant, practical content, helping to re-ignite passion and purpose among sales professionals, business owners and individuals - Plus boosting your knowledge, skills, enthusiasm, and motivation to sell.

My sales training will not only equip the reader with new sales skills, but will leave sales professionals energised to put their newly acquired lessons into practice. I help people sell more and develop their business growth. Success in sales can come from implementing my series of straight forward and easy to use disciplines and processes.


Kieran Perry Sales Expert