Business Mentor Near Me

Business Mentor Near Me

24 Apr 2020

Find a business mentor near me. 

Do you sometimes wish you had some structured and focused business advice to help you make the right decisions at the right time. I can help, my name is Kieran Perry and I have been helping business owners and individuals over the last 10 years with their business options and sales growth. I provide new ideas, solutions and best practice to ensure your new or established business has the right current business advice and options when you need it most.

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In the current business climate you need to consider the following very closely when making key decisions.

1. Don’t make any decisions that can’t be reversed or changed easily currently (as situation changes weekly at the moment)

2. Focus on Profit - more so than ever!!

3. Get paid for the work you have done.

4. Improve current job roles and workloads for yourself and existing employees.

5. Your investments short and long term need to make financial sense with the info you have and ensure your are not left short of funds.

6. You need to work out your turnover sweet spot – re new business shape and size.

7. Its all about making things more manageable at the moment and efficient – not rocking the boat and sinking it by mistake!

8. Timing is key, it’s all about timing - change a little at a time and see the effect it has on you and your business before you change again. Because a decision today may not be the right one next week as the current economic and corona crisis situation is changing so fast.


I now offer my full range of services by phone and video call to ensure I can still give support and advice to businesses and individuals when needed.

Just a few ideas … If you would like advice or guidance bespoke to your need or business give me a call on 07912 846492 or drop me an email at to see how I can help you.

I offer a FREE 20 minute confidential telephone consultation - So please call me directly on 07912 846 492 to find out how I can help your business.

I understand the real life challenges of running a business, and I now help others achieve good business practice, sales growth and improved management leadership.


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